Online Learning

Application and Registration

New students (not currently enrolled at Acadia University):

  • Apply to Acadia University using the undergraduate application for online courses
    • Select "Independent" as your program
    • Indicate in the Notes section which online course(s) you are interested in
  • Provide appropriate transcripts
  • We will confirm your acceptance within 3-4 business days and provide information on registering for your courses

Students applying for Graduate Education online courses as Independent students should visit the Master of Education website for courses and application information.

Acadia University students (currently enrolled, or have taken a course within the past 12 months):

  • Register via Acadia Student Self Service portal by selecting “Advanced Search”. Select the TERM filter dropdown, choose "2023/24 Continuous Intake" and click the Search button.

Your Responsibilities

Online, continuous-intake courses require you to work independently and have a realistic plan on how you will complete the required coursework within 3 to 6 months. You should carefully consider your ability to commit to this self-paced model of learning before you register.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with the academic calendar, and to pay the appropriate fees.

Fees for Online Courses

Online courses are not included in full-time tuition. Part-time tuition fees apply:

Admission Fee (new students only) $40.00
Tuition Fees (effective September 2024)
Undergraduate, 3-credit-hour course, Nova Scotian
(with Nova Scotia Tuition Rebate)
Undergraduate, 3-credit-hour course, Canadian $1,385.85
Undergraduate, 3-credit-hour course, International $2,933.19
Graduate, 3-credit-hour course, Nova Scotian
(with Nova Scotia Tuition Rebate)
Graduate, 3-credit-hour course, Canadian $1,313.25
Graduate, 3-credit-hour course, International $2,980.65
Pre-University (Chem 0110, Math 0110), Canadian $540.00
Pre-University (Chem 0110, Math 0110), International $1080.00
Course extension (up to 6 months) $150.00
Withdrawal Fees Learn more
Service Fees (NSF, Letter of Permission, Transcripts, etc.) Acadia University service fees apply

Exception for full-time students with unavailable required courses

If a student is unable to get a required course during the year due to elements beyond their control (i.e., all sections are full, not offered this year, unavoidable conflict, etc.) they may, with written permission of both their advising Department Head/Director (first) AND the Director of Open Acadia, request registration in an undergraduate online continuous-intake course as part of their full-time tuition fee. This request must be completed on or before the last day to add/change each term, Registrations processed after these dates will be subject to per-course tuition fee charges.

This is only for full-time students and will not be considered for overload situations. Requests for electives may also be considered if there is a compelling case made by the Department Head/Director. Permission will only be given in cases where no viable regular term option is available.

Payment Options
By Mail or In Person Registrar's Office
University Hall
15 University Ave
Acadia University
Wolfville, NS

For more information, please visit the Office of Student Accounts.

Canada Student Loan

You must complete your open-entry online courses by September 1 if you are returning to full-time studies, or the amount of your loan for fall-winter may be affected. For more information about Canada Student Loans, please visit our Government Loans Financial Aid Page.

Income Tax Exemption

The Tuition and Education Credit Certificate, Income Tax T-2202A form, is available from myAcadia. Login to your Self-Service account and then select the Tax Form (T2202A) option from My Account on the main menu. The Education Tax Credit applies only to courses completed within a four month term. Open entry online courses do not qualify unless completed within the four month fall, winter or intersession terms.

If the credit card is not in your name, written permission from the card owner is required. You are responsible for any fees associated with an NSF cheque or a declined credit card.

If you are paying by student loan, the loan application must accompany your registration form. Your registration cannot be processed without this application unless arrangements have been made with Acadia's Student Accounts Office. This can be done by calling 902-585-1297.


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