Partner Institutions



Agreement Type

Amity University India Articulation Agreement
Apex Language and Career College Nova Scotia Language Agreement
Atlantic Canada Language Academy
Nova Scotia Language Agreement
Bermuda College Bermuda Articulation Agreement
Bridgewater State University United States Exchange Agreement
Canadian Language Learning College Nova Scotia Language Agreement
City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Exchange Agreement
College of the Rockies British Columbia Articulation Agreement
Curtin University Austraila Exchange Agreement
Doshisha University Japan Exchange Agreement; Inbound Study Abroad
Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
Japan Inbound Study Abroad
Fachhochschule Biefield Germany Exchange Agreement
Franklin College United States Exchange Agreement
H Lavity Stoutt Community College British Virgin Islands Memorandum of Understanding
Holland College Prince Edward Island Articulation Agreement
ICN Business School France Exchange Agreement
Inlingua Victoria College of Languages British Columbia Language Agreement
International Centre for EAP Ontario Language Agreement
International College of Liberal Arts Japan Exchange Agreement
International Language School of Canada British Columbia Language Agreement
International Language Institute Nova Scotia Language Agreement
Juventud EsGTO Mexico Language Agreement
Kanada University Japan Inbound Study Abroad
Kurume University
Japan Inbound Study Abroad
Lund University Sweden Exchange Agreement
Mackenzie Presbyterian University Brazil Exchange Agreement
Memorial University Newfoundland and Labrador Articulation Agreement
Norwegian University of Life Sciences Norway Exchange Agreement
Nova Scotia International Student Program
Nova Scotia Secondary School International Student Admission Agreement
Nova Scotia-New England Program United States Exchange Agreement
NSCC Nova Scotia Articulation Agreement; Language Agreement
Oxford International Halifax Nova Scotia Language Agreement
Queen Margaret University Scotland Exchange Agreement
Sir Sandford Fleming College Ontario Articulation Agreement
Sprott Shaw Language College British Columbia Language Agreement
St. John's College
Belize Articulation Agreement
Swansea University Wales Exchange Agreement
Taylor's University Malaysia Articulation Agreement
The Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg Germany Exchange Agreement
The Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology Ontario Articulation Agreement
The University of Dundee Scotland Exchange Agreement
The University of Southern Queensland Austraila Exchange Agreement
Universidad de la Rioja Spain Exchange Agreement
University of Newcastle Austraila Exchange Agreement
University of Oldenburg Germany Exchange Agreement
University of Plymouth England Exchange Agreement
Western Town College Ontario Language Agreement
Wiesbaden Business School Germany Exchange Agreement
Woosuk University Korea Memorandum of Understanding
University of Tours France Exchange Agreement