Research Data Managment (RDM) Strategy

Research data management is how one plans for, and takes care of, the data used for scholarly inquiry. Careful oversight and stewardship of research data are necessary from the start of a project to completion, and beyond.

As an adaptive and forward-thinking institution, it is vital that both our student and faculty researchers are equipped to engage fully with Research Data Management (RDM) principles and practices embraced by national and international research communities, scholarly publishers, and funding bodies.

In the spring of 2021, the Canadian Tri-Agencies released the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy. This policy outlines three core expectations surrounding RDM for both institutions and researchers: institutional strategies, data management plans (DMPs), and data deposit. The Tri-Agency requires postsecondary and research institutions to make publicly available their institutional RDM Strategies.  The purpose of Acadia’s RDM Strategy is to provide guidance as the university endeavors to support and promote RDM best practices across campus, noting that the strategy will continue to evolve to meet the needs of researchers, funding agencies, and the University. Our RDM Strategy is guided by Acadia’s research ethics policies (, the principles of FAIR data (, the Indigenous data sovereignty OCAP principles (, and the CARE principles ( Together, these outline data management practices that support the production of high-quality datasets, respect data sovereignty, and increase the reach of scholarship at Acadia.

The primary institutional goals (see Acadia's RDM Strategy below for additional details) are to:

  • Further develop and deliver education and training in RDM best-practices for Acadia’s students and faculty,
  • Maintain and develop technical infrastructure to support RDM at Acadia, and
  • Provide guidance and support for compliance with RDM ethics requirements and funding requirements.

This strategy shall be jointly administered by the Vaughan Memorial Library and the Division of Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies. These units will work collaboratively to secure resources and tools to support Acadia researchers’ data management planning and data deposit. For more information on RDM, guidelines, best practices and how to write a Data Management Plan, please see this Library resource:

Acadia's Research Data Management Strategy



If you have questions about Acadia's RDM Strategy please contact:

Dr. Peter Ludlow, Director Research Grants & Programs
Horton Hall, 18 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, B4P 2R6

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