Funded Research at Acadia University 2016-2022

Article 25.55 Funded Research

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Arthur Irving Academy Research Grants in Environmental Science
CFI & RNS Funded Projects

The Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Research Nova Scotia (RNS) work together to invest in modern infrastructure that supports innovative research in Nova Scotia’s universities. By investing in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the CFI and RNS helps Acadia attract and retain the world’s top talent and makes it possible to train new generations of researchers.

For a list of CFI and RNS investments at Acadia University, click here.

The Research Nova Scotia New Health Investigator Grant supports early-career health researchers who are engaged in work that aligns with the province’s health research priorities.  The grant aims to provide two years of support of up to $100,000 for researchers who are within the first five years of their academic appointment in Nova Scotia or who are new to the field of health research.

RNS New Health Investigator Grant Winners 2020-2021

CIHR Funded Projects

2011 CIHR Funded Projects

M. Leiter (PHSI)   $ 258,438 for 2 years
Managing the social environment: What matters for first line managers    

2009 CIHR Funded Projects

M. Leiter, Knowledge Translation Supplement   $39,923 for 1 year
Enhancing the quality of worklife - Final Conference    

2008 CIHR Funded Projects


 M. Leiter, Meetings Planning & Disemination (PHSI)


$10,998 for 1 year

Quality of Continuing Care Worklife in Transition:  Building a diverse research team    

2007 CIHR Funded Projects


M. Leiter (PHSI)


$192,182 for 2 years

 Enhancing the quality of workplce communities: Assessing predictors and testing interventions    

2005 CIHR Funded Projects


S Johnson (Public Engagement Pilot)


$9,192 for 1 year

Harrison McCain Awards
NSERC Faculty Grants

For a list of Acadia NSERC Grant holders between 2015-2021, please click the following link.

Discovery Grant

Research Tools & Instruments

SIG Funded Research

Through its SSHRC Institutional Grants (SIG) funding opportunity, SSHRC provides annual block grants to help eligible Canadian postsecondary institutions fund, through their own merit review processes, small-scale research and research-related activities by their faculty and students in the social sciences and humanities. SIG funds are intended to help Canadian postsecondary institutions strengthen research excellence in the social sciences and humanities.

Acadia University SIG Holders 2015-2019

SSHRC Research Grant Recipients

SSHRC funds research through the Connections, Insight Development, Insight, Partnership Engage, Partnership Development and Partnership Grant programs. See below for a list of Acadia grant holders from 2016-2021

SSHRC Connections Grant

SSHRC Insight Development Grant

SSHRC Insight Grant

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

SSHRC Partnership Grant

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