Centres, Institutes and Related Infrastructure

Acadia University's research environment encourages student and faculty researchers to work closely together to answer important questions. We support this research with a variety of centres, institutes, and facilities.

For a small university, Acadia offers a remarkable array of opportunities, including custom-built laboratories and a private island wildlife reserve. Many of Acadia's research spaces have been recently modernized, most notably the revamped Acadia Science Complex and its new Huestis Innovation Pavilion. Our campus also boasts a number of innovation and incubation spaces, as well as laboratories that provide unique services to industry, like the Acadia Laboratory for AGRI-Food and Beverage and the motion Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics.

Research at Acadia is known for being highly collaborative and interdisciplinary. Many Acadia researchers establish connections across disciplinary and industry boundaries, exploring problems from multiple angles and forming meaningful partnerships with other scholars and organizations along the way.

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