Senate Research Committee

Acadia University's Senate Research committee advocates for research and considers the development and application of research policy. The committee represents a variety of constituencies by including members from all faculties, research administrators, students, and librarians.

The duties of the Senate Research Committee shall be:

  1. To develop policies and programs that encourage and support faculty, graduate and undergraduate research at Acadia University.
  2. To establish and oversee the adjudication process for Acadia University's internal research funds, excluding the University Research Fund (Article 25.55).
  3. To establish, propose to Senate for approval and subsequently to implement a consultative process for regular reviews of the Acadia University Strategic Research Plan.
  4. To encourage and facilitate interaction among Acadia's researchers, community members, community organizations, government and industry in order to expand and enhance research collaboration and dissemination.
  5. To consider and respond to research matters referred to it by graduate students, faculty members, Departments, Schools, Faculties, the VP Academic or by the Senate of Acadia University.
  6. To receive the annual reports of Research Centres for submission to Senate.
  7. To consider any other matters of policy relating to research, and any other matters referred to it by Faculty, Vice-president (Academic), Senate, or Board of Governors.

The membership of the Senate Research Committee shall be as follows:

  • One Faculty member of the Faculty of Arts, elected in accordance with Article VI.1
  • One Faculty member the Faculty of Professional Studies, elected in accordance with Article VI.1
  • One Faculty member of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, elected in accordance with Article VI.1
  • One Faculty member of the Faculty of Theology, elected in accordance with Article VI.1
  • One Canada Research Chair elected by the Canada Research Chairs
  • One graduate student elected by the Acadia University Graduate Student Association
  • One undergraduate student engaged in research and appointed by the ASU
  • One Director of a research centre chosen by the Directors
  • One professional librarian elected by members of the University Community holding appointments as professional librarians
  • The Dean of Research and Graduate Studies







Leave Replacement

Leave Period

Dean, Research and Graduate Studies Anna Redden ex-officio       
Arts Can Mutlu 3 yr 2010  Leslie Frank July-June 2019 sabbatical
Professional Studies John Colton 3 yr 2020     
Physics & Applied Sciences Mojtaba Kaviani 3 yr  2021     
Theology Stephen McMullin 3 yr  2019     
Librarian Maggie Neilson 3 yr  2020     
Canada Research Chair   3 yr  2018     
Director of a Research Centre Danny Silver 3 yr  2018  Anna Redden  
Graduate Student Sarah Dunn 1 yr  2019     
Undergraduate (Honours) Student   1 yr  2019     


Procedures for Appointment:


Nominated and elected within each Faculty

Canada Research Chair

Elected by the Canada Research Chairs

Graduate Student

Elected by the Acadia Graduate Students Association

Undergraduate Student, engaged in research

Appointed under the aegis of the Students' Representative Council

Research Centre Director

Chosen by the Directors

Professional Librarian

Elected by professional librarians at Acadia University

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The Division of Research and Graduate Studies is responsible for administering Acadia University's CRCP. If you have questions about the CRCP, please contact:

Dr. Anna Redden

Horton Hall, 18 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, B4P 2R6