Safety and Security

Access Control Key Policy




It is the policy of Acadia University that all buildings, when not scheduled to be opened, shall be locked to provide security for the buildings and contents. Both interior and exterior doors of Residences shall always be locked .

  • Only the signature of those positions designated as authorizing authorities will be recognized for the purpose of issuing keys on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • All designated exterior doors to academic buildings are opened and secured by the Safety and Security Department in accordance with the scheduled use for each building. Building Managers/Department Heads shall convey a schedule of building hours to Access Control by email by September 1 each year.
  • Keys will be issued on receipt of a Safety and Security "Key Authorization Form" endorsed by the Department Head/Director or Building Manager responsible for the space requested. In buildings containing one or more departments, an individual department head may authorize keys for their own department and/or an external door key for that building.
  • All academic keys issued to students are to be recalled at the end of the loan period by the department requesting the original issue. Keys will be issued in accordance with posted hours at the Access Control office in Whitman House.
  • Student academic keys may only be authorized for one year at a time, with return dates to coincide with the end of semester. Extensions or exceptions may be made with the Access Control office by the requesting authority.
  • It is the responsibility of the key holder to secure any exterior door they open after the closing hours of that building.
  • Key holdings should be kept to the absolute minimum. Individual or departmental key(s) will only be issued if there is a "real and continuing" need.
  • Only one key to any given door will be issued to any individual. All key requests are checked and if an identical key has already been issued, a second key will be refused pending a loss report and a subsequent investigation to assess the threat of the missing key.
  • The person to whom a key is authorized must sign for it in person at the Safety and Security Access Control office.
  • Departments can arrange for keys to be signed out on a temporary basis from the Safety and Security 24-hour shift desk. A type-written "key authorization list", indicating the individuals authorized to receive a key, is requested from the requesting authority.
  • Keys may be signed out to staff or contractors without written authorization at the Access Control office on a "same day" basis. Keys issued in this manner are meant to satisfy those needs which are not "real and continuing".

Residence Keys

  • Keys will be issued from the Access Control Office and in residence during advertised times.
  • Students changing rooms or residence shall follow the procedure outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • All residence keys must be returned within 24 hours of the final day of spring exams. Late or unreturned keys will result in charges.
  • All non-student residence key requests require the authorization of the Director of Ancillary Services.


  • GRAND MASTER keys are for emergency use only and are not to be issued.
  • Keys will only be issued to staff and students on presentation of a valid Acadia University ID card (or equivalent).
  • Departmental keys shall be secured with a lockable metal key box (available at the Safety and Security Department) and a record kept of the use of keys.
  • The number and use of departmental key holdings shall be subject to periodic audits by the Safety and Security Department and a record maintained of keys to ensure they comply with this policy.
  • When a key holder changes room, office, or department, all previously authorized keys must be accounted for prior to new keys being issued.
  • Card activated doors may be audited periodically, and/or be programmed to limit access to best meet the needs of the university.
  • Disciplinary proceedings may result from unauthorized possession, lending, or duplicating any Acadia University key(s).
  • Contractors and non-university personnel requiring keys shall submit their key requests to the Access Control office. Key(s) will be issued upon verification of need, with the issuing approval and degree of access being the responsibility of the Director of the Safety and Security Department.

Lost Keys

  • Lost keys shall be reported to the Access Control office immediately, as it may be necessary to re-key the lock(s) to maintain the necessary level of security.
  • If re-keying is recommended, the key holder or department will be held responsible for the cost of the changes required. Department Heads are similarly responsible for departmental keys.
  • If an assessment determines that re-keying is not necessary, a replacement key will be issued.
  • Lost or overdue keys will result in a charge of $25 per key. Broken keys are replaced at no charge.
  • Semi-master keys provide access to multiple areas, and the loss of any such key is deemed to be potentially more serious. The loss of a semi-master key often results in the need to recommend re-keying an entire facility at the expense of a department head and/or an individual key holder.


In an emergency, call 911

Safety and Security

Open 24/7

(902) 585-1103
or dial 88 from a campus phone (general inquiries)

Room 519, Acadia Students' Union Building
30 Highland Ave
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

Access Control

Whitman House, Northeast Wing
18 Crowell Dr
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

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