Safety and Security

ID Cards and Keys

Please visit us in the Safety and Security office in the Students' Union Building (upper level) or call 902-585-1736 if you require any assistance with your keys or ID card.

Access Control Office

Please do not visit the Access Control office; all service inquiries should be made at the Safety and Security operations desk in the Students' Union Building.

Please select an option below for our Access Control services:

ID Cards

Taking Your ID photo

  • Take your picture. This picture is for identification purposes; the picture must clearly identify you as a person.
  • You must be looking straight at the camera. No side profiles!
  • The background must be a light solid colour (white/off white).
  • There can be no borders on the photo.
  • There should be a small space between your head and the top of the image, as well as a definite contrast between you and the background.
  • The photograph must be in colour.
  • No red eye or flash reflection on glasses or contact lenses.
  • No hats, sunglasses, jewellery, or garments of any sort that obstruct the view of your face.
  • Upload your photo to our website. The file must be a JPG/JPEG image.

The Acadia Department of Safety and Security reserves the right to refuse any pictures that do not adhere to the photo standards.

ID Rules and Regulations

  • ID cards are the property of the University.
  • For your safety and to protect your property, please report lost cards to Safety and Security immediately.
  • Cardholders bear the cost of replacement of lost and/or damaged cards.
  • If your original card is found after a replacement card has been issued, the original card must be returned to Safety and Security (519 SUB).
  • Do not lend your card to anyone for any purpose. Doing so is a violation of the University Access Control Policy and may lead to judicial charges.
  • Any tampering or defacing of the card may lead to judicial charges.

ID Card Replacements

  • There is no charge to replace a card that is expired or no longer functional due to fair wear and tear, such as if the photo or information on card is no longer visible or the magnetic stripe/barcode is no longer working.
  • There will be a replacement charge of $15 on all ID cards that are lost or damaged. Replacing a card that has obvious neglect or misuse is also $15.

Key/FOB/Card Requests

University Key Policy

For information about initial key issues and replacements contact Access Control at 585-1736 or refer to the University Key Policies listed below.

University Access Control Policy 

  • You can pick up keys for your office or residence at the Access Control office in Whitman House. In order to pick up keys you must present a valid Acadia ID card.
  • If you lock yourself out of your office or forget your key at home, you will need to come to the Access Control office in Whitman House. You can sign out a temporary replacement that must be returned by the end of the day.
  • If you have locked yourself out of your residence room, please see either your RA or the RA on duty for that night and request to be let back into your room. A schedule of which RA is on duty is typically found on your RA's door. RA's may charge for this service depending on the policies of your residence. If there is no RA available, please visit Safety and Security to sign out a temporary key/card, or call 585-1103 for assistance.
  • If you lose either your keys or your ID card, report it immediately to the Access Control office at 585-1736 or the main security desk after hours at 585-1103. Lost physical keys are charged a replacement fee of $25 per key. Additional charges may apply if re-keying of a building/room is required due to the loss of said key.

Access Control Supervisor Hilton Seymour greets a student in the office.


In an emergency, call 911

Safety and Security

Open 24/7

(902) 585-1103
or dial 88 from a campus phone (general inquiries)

Room 519, Acadia Students' Union Building
30 Highland Ave
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

Access Control

Whitman House, Northeast Wing
18 Crowell Dr
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

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