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Parking at Acadia

To park on-campus, you will need to purchase a virtual permit or use a parking meter. A variety of virtual parking permits are available, and meters are compatible with coins and the HotSpot parking app. A limited number of free parking spaces are available at the Crowell Tower free parking lot and the Athletics Complex drop-off area.

Acadia's parking regulations relieve traffic congestion and ensure ready access to buildings for firefighting equipment, emergency services, maintenance, and snow removal.

Parking pass support is available by calling HotSpot at 1-855-712-5888

Virtual Parking Permits

Parking spaces at Acadia University requires a valid virtual parking permit, which can be purchased from Hotspot or at the Safety and Security office. Yearly virtual permits are ideal for full-time students, faculty, and staff. Virtual permits are not valid at parking meters. Please note that virtual permits are non-refundable but can be transferable through the Hotspot app and website


Daily: $6.00

Weekly: $20.00

Monthly: $40.00

Yearly: $140.00

Do I need to create a HotSpot account?

If you want to purchase a permit through HotSpot, you will need a HotSpot account. However, you do not need to purchase your permit through HotSpot. You can still purchase a permit in-person at the campus security office.

How do I get a permit?

Once you have created your HotSpot account, in the app tap the menu option and select "my permits". All your active permits will appear here. To buy a permit, press “Purchase a Permit”. To purchase online, go to and log in. Go to the permits tab and select the permit you would like to buy.

If you are having troubles creating an account or purchasing a virtual permit, please review our Hotspot guide here.

Remember, permits can be purchased online through HotSpot or in-person at the Department of Safety and Security Operations Desk.

Temporary Parking Permits

Most parking spaces at Acadia University require a parking permit. Temporary parking permits are available to those who do not require long-term parking, for as little as $6 (one-day pass). Permits are for use in any permit parking lot on campus but are not valid at parking meters. Please note that parking permits are not refundable or transferable.


*Valid from April 1- October 31. If you pay for an annual permit you can add a motorcycle for no additional fee.


Purchase your permit online 

Parking Meters

There are various parking meters on campus for your parking convenience; please refer to the Campus Map for locations.

  • Parking meters cost $1.50/hr.
  • You can pay for metered spaces using coins or the HotSpot mobile parking app.
  • Parking permits are not valid at meters.

HotSpot is an Atlantic Canadian company that provides a mobile parking solution. HotSpot members are able to create and top-up parking sessions using their Apple or Android device, as well as refund unused time back to their account. HotSpot members can receive reminders when sessions are approaching expiry, pay parking infractions, and receive itemized receipts for each parking session. HotSpot requires a small membership fee.


Parking Enforcement

The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for the enforcement of parking guidelines. The control of traffic on campus is a necessary part of the efficient and safe operation of Acadia University.


Parking tickets are issued to vehicles that are parked on campus in violation of the Parking Guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized parking, no permit, fire lane, no parking zone, meter violations, etc.

Fees are applied to the person whose name the vehicle is registered in or the person who is the registered user of the vehicle on campus. Permit holders who delay on paying their ticket(s) will be subject to additional administrative fees. For more information on tickets, see the Parking Guidelines or contact the security desk at 585-1103.

Towing and Immobilizing ("Booting")

The "Boot" is a vehicle immobilization device placed on vehicles that have 3 or more outstanding unpaid tickets. Information pertaining to this device as well as the contact number to the Department of Safety and Security is placed on the driver side window of the vehicle. The registered owner shall contact Security and pay a $50 boot removal fee and make arrangements to pay the outstanding tickets. Any damage caused by tampering with the boot will be charged to the owner of the vehicle.

If a vehicle that is in violation of parking guidelines is obstructing vehicular movement, blocking fire hydrants, service roads, loading docks, or any other risk, the vehicle may be towed without warning at owner's risk and expense. In addition, if the boot is left on the vehicle for more than 12 hours, the vehicle may be towed without warning at the owner’s expense.


Security officer Charlotte Crouch stands near metered spaces next to the Students' Union Building


In an emergency, call 911

Safety and Security

Open 24/7

(902) 585-1103
or dial 88 from a campus phone (general inquiries)

Room 519, Acadia Students' Union Building
30 Highland Ave
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

Access Control

Whitman House, Northeast Wing
18 Crowell Dr
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