Safety and Security

Safety and Security Services

Campus Patrol and Event Security

Safe Walk

Lost and Found

Medical Shuttle Service

Monitoring Campus Safety

Our staff conduct patrols of the campus and buildings on a routine basis. Patrols document offences and ensure that Acadia policies and procedures are followed. We are also responsible for ensuring all safety equipment is operational.

911 Monitoring

In an emergency, call 911. Safety and Security has a 911 monitoring system in place on campus. All calls placed to 911 on campus (from a 585- exchange telephone) send a signal to our office so that we can identify the location of the call and respond to the emergency situation immediately.

Alarm Monitoring

Safety and Security has several alarm monitoring systems in place. If a fire alarm, intrusion alarm, or panic button is activated, we will receive a signal and emergency procedures will be implemented.

Shift Supervisor Eden Jordan provides chats with a student outside of Rhodes Hall.


In an emergency, call 911

Safety and Security

Open 24/7

(902) 585-1103
or dial 88 from a campus phone (general inquiries)

Room 519, Acadia Students' Union Building
30 Highland Ave
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

Access Control

Whitman House, Northeast Wing
18 Crowell Dr
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6

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