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Assistive technology refers to devices or services used to prevent and remove accessibility barriers in learning and to help students with disabilities navigate their learning challenges and achieve their goals in the classroom.

Accessible Learning Services currently offers the following devices during tests:

  • C-pen reader: a pen-like device that scans text and reads printed words aloud to its users.
  • Single-use ear plugs: used to prevent and help with noise sensitivity and concentration issues during tests.
  • Portable Standing desk: placed on a desk with adjustable height for different accommodations

Please reach out to us at if you require these devices during tests.

We recognize that our assistive technology available option is limited. Our team is working on getting more assistive technology for student use and creating a lending library.

We encourage you to learn more about Windows Accessibility Features and/or Mac Accessibility Features based on the devices you use to further assist you in studies.

Accessible application options

  • Windows Text to Speech function (free): Turn on the functionality when inside a web page, document, or file. Move your cursor to the area of text you want Narrator to start reading. Press Windows key + Ctrl + Enter, and Narrator starts reading the text on the page to you. Stop Narrator from speaking by pressing the same shortcut.
  • Speechify (paid): a Text to Speech software.
  • Kurzweil (paid): an accessible software includes Text to Speech, writing composition, highlighter, etc.
  • Google Read and Write (free): a Text to Speech extension software.
  • Notability (paid): a note-taking software with accessible functions.
  • Grammarly (free & paid): a software to check grammar mistakes and sentence structures.

Please note that our services are not affiliated with these applications. The recommendations come from student experience with the software.

General and testing inquiry:

Tel: 902.585.1291, 902.585.1605
Fax: 902.585.1093

Grants inquiry:

Tel: 902.585.1823

Workshops & academic support:

Tel: 902.585.1520

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