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This page is meant to provide faculty resources supporting students with disabilities. This includes information on accommodations, frequently asked questions, and how to improve accessibility within course material. Accessible Learning Services Staff are also available to meet to answer questions directly or otherwise discuss ways to improve how we work together to support students.

Course Syllabi Accessibility Statement

Acadia University is dedicated to improving access to campus life for all students with disabilities. While we attempt to ensure that all courses are accessible, we recognize that there are barriers that need to be addressed on an individual basis. Students who require accommodations to complete coursework or otherwise fully participate in class should contact Accessible Learning Services directly as soon as possible.

Please visit Accessible Learning Services website or email them at for more information.



Each professor will receive a list of the students enrolled in one or more of their classes who are registered with our services as well as their individual accommodations. We do our best to ensure the list is complete and sent at the beginning of each term, however you may receive additional notifications as the term progresses. This is due to the fact that a student’s accommodations may be updated due to a change in their documentation and are also able to register with us at any time.

As part of their accommodations some students may be writing tests, exams, or other assessments, in an alternative location. Depending upon the nature of the exam and the student’s accommodation, this may be in group or individual setting. All efforts are made to ensure academic integrity and tests are proctored appropriately. Typically, the alternative spaces we use are in Rhodes Hall however during busy times rooms elsewhere on campus may be used.

Accommodations are protected under human rights legislation and as such Acadia University is legally required to provide these supports. Should you have any questions regarding a student’s accommodations please contact Accessible Learning directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student register with Accessible Learning?

The registration process begins by setting up an appointment via and can be completed at any point in the semester/year of study. All accommodations are set based on the assessed needs in their documentation.

What types of accommodations can I expect to see?

While some accommodations may be more common than others each student will have their accommodations set individually. Examples of previous accommodations include: a Note taker, recorded lectures, additional time on assessments (x1.5 or x2), reader and/or scribe during tests, completing assessments in an alternative space, access to lecture notes before or after lectures. While these are more common, these examples do not capture the full breadth of different accommodations that you may see.

What is the difference between a permanent accommodation and temporary accommodations?

A student may receive accommodations on a temporary basis due to a medical reason with an anticipated recovery (surgery, concussion, broken bone, etc). A student may also be given temporary accommodations until we are able to receive up to date documentation that supports permanent accommodations. Permanent accommodations are set once we have documentation from a Medical Professional outlining the accommodations needed to best support the student.

What is the process for students writing tests at Rhodes Hall?
  1. The student emails Accessible Learning Services to notify them of the scheduled test time at least one week prior.
  2. The Testing Coordinator will email each professor the list of students in their course writing in Rhodes Hall and request a copy of the test sent be sent to no later than 24 hours before the test is scheduled.
    We are currently asking all professors to email us an electronic version of the test, unless otherwise specified by the Testing Coordinator.
  3. Completed tests will be scanned and sent back to you within 72
I see that a student is struggling in my class, but they are not registered with Accessible Learning. How can I refer them to Accessible Learning Services?

Academic performance should always be address confidentially. If you believe a student may benefit from our services, please let them know privately through email or in a meeting. Should they be ineligible for accommodations we may be able to provide academic supports or referrals.

Am I able to talk to other professors regarding additional accommodations for my student?

Academic performance should always be address confidentially. If you believe a student may benefit from our services, please let them know privately through email or in a meeting. Should they be ineligible for accommodations we may be able to provide academic supports or referrals.

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