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Accessibility Grants

Writing a test with us

Students who wish to write with our services in an alternate location must send us a request at least 7 days before the test. Any requests sent after the deadline will not be approved (exception will only be given on a case-by-case bases), the student will need to write in class without their testing accommodations (e.g. extra time). Students who missed the deadline may ask you to accommodate in class; however, this is at the discretion of the professor, and not a requirement.

Not all students who register with our services will write with us, therefore, you will receive a list of students who will write with us a few days before the test. You are responsible for sending us an electronic copy of the test at least 24 hours of the test, and any instructions. If we do not receive any instructions, we will assume that the test is closed-book, and the class time is the length of the test.

If a student has a question during a test, our staff or an Exam Proctor will contact you. It is important to check your email and Teams messages regularly during the test, otherwise please let us know the best way to contact you during the test.

Accommodations in lab test/exam

Due to the nature of a lab test/exam often involve equipment that our office does not have, you are responsible for accommodating students during the lab test/exam. If your lab test/exam does not involve special equipment and you wish students with accommodations to write with our services, please contact us.

Academic integrity

Every test written with our services will be proctored and academic integrity will be strictly enforced. It is important to inform us of any special test instructions to help us enforce academic integrity. If an incident occurs that may violate academic integrity during a test, you will be contacted by an Exam Proctor and/or our staff with a debrief email. You may instruct us how we should proceed for the reminding period. The student will be informed that we will be contacting you and to discuss further action with you.

General inquiries:

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Workshops & academic support:

Tel: 902.585.1520

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