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Equity Office

The Equity Officer is available to students, staff, and faculty. The fundamental objective of the Equity Office is to prevent discrimination, sexual harassment, and personal harassment from occurring.

The Equity Officer's Roles and Responsibilities are:

  • Take reasonable steps to protect the health, safety, and security of any member of the University community in relation to the Harassment & Discrimination Policy.
  • Receive, investigate, and resolve complaints by informal resolution, mediation, or formal complaint.
  • Provide and promote programs that raise campus awareness of the nature of, and problems associated with, discrimination, sexual harassment, and personal harassment and educate those in positions of responsibility in the objectives and implementation of the policy.

Acadia University's Policy Against Harassment & Discrimination

  • The purpose of the policy is to provide and maintain a learning and work environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and personal harassment. These behaviours are demeaning and degrading.
  • All members of the University community have the right to learn and work in an environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and personal harassment.
  • The University and all members of the University community share responsibility for ensuring that the work and learning environment of Acadia is free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and personal harassment.

"The better we understand how identities and power work together from one context to another, the less likely our movements for change are to fracture." — Kimberle Williams Crenshaw


The day is focused on acts of service, a day on and not a day off. Dr. King was a Baptist minister and a leader of the modern American Civil Rights Movement (The King Centre). Often quoted and misquoted on this day and throughout the year, it is important to remember not to take his words lightly or out of context.

Today on Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate and honour Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The theme for this year according to the King Centre in Atlanta is “Cultivating a Beloved Community Mindset to Transform Unjust Systems.”

Acadia joined 40 post-secondary institutions across Canada in November 2021 to sign the Scarborough Charter on anti-Black racism and Black inclusion in Canadian higher education: Principles, Actions, and Accountabilities. As of May 2022, there have been 53 post-secondary institutions to sign the charter, with more to come. Those who have signed the Charter have committed to addressing and redressing the anti-Black racism in universities and colleges across Canada and fostering Black inclusion on those campuses.

Hi everyone! In our equity news for today, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that today, March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility (also known as Trans Day of Visibility or TDOV). First celebrated in 2009, TDOV is an occasion to acknowledge the reality of transphobia but also celebrate the contributions, achievements, and lives of two-spirit, trans, non-binary, and gender diverse people worldwide.

We know it is a little rough out there right now, so Acadia Residence Life and I, Polly the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer thought it would be a wonderful time to launch a new book club. We will be reading the book, Read This to Get Smarter about Race, Class, Gender, Disability, and More, by Blair Imani.

The book club is open to the whole campus community, staff, and students alike!

Below is a description of the Hollaback 5 Ds to Bystander Intervention. Along with registration links to their upcoming FREE webinars. I urge everyone on campus to peruse their huge host of resources and learn how you can be an active bystander and stand up against harassment in all it’s forms.

Equity Officer Polly Leonard

Polly Leonard - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer

 Show Up, Your Guide to Bystander Intervention (PDF)

 Watch our "Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 101" Webinar

 Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination

 Gender Inclusive Washrooms


Polly Leonard, MSW RSW (she/her/hers)
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer
Bancroft House, Room 103
Acadia University
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R6

t. 902.585.1298

Instagram: @acadiauniversityequity

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