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Filing a Complaint

Any member or agency of the University community (student, faculty, administrator, Acadia University employee, Acadia Students’ Union employee) may lodge a complaint for incidents that occur both on and off campus.

To file a complaint, you may contact Olivia Lynch, Coordinator, Student Conduct and Community Support or submit the form below.

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Can Community Members make a complaint under the Student Code of Conduct?

Acadia University has a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Wolfville and the Acadia Student Union. With this we work closely with our campus partners to address issues that arise within the Wolfville community. Referral of a matter to the University occurs at the discretion of the Town of Wolfville and/or RCMP and would typically include incidents that occur off-campus and cause disruption or potential safety risk to the Wolfville community. While complaints originating from individuals and representative groups outside of the campus community are not normally within the scope of the Non-Academic Judicial Student Code of Conduct, Acadia University is committed to providing programming and resources to resolve conflict between students and residents in the surrounding community.

Individuals who have been impacted by behaviour or conduct of an Acadia University student may request assistance from the Town of Wolfville and/or RCMP to investigate a complaint. The incident could then be referred to Acadia for follow up under the Non-Academic Judicial Student Code of Conduct. If you are a Community member looking to make a complaint you are encouraged to contact the Town of Wolfville’s Community Compliance Coordinator, Kaden Thibault or if immediate, the RCMP at 911 (emergency) or 1-800-803-7267 (non-emergency).

What can you expect as a respondent?

The student(s) accused of the potential Code of Conduct violation(s) will be informed in writing (to student email and/or letter to residence) with the nature of the complaint. You will be given reasonable opportunity to meet and respond to the complaint with a member of the Student Services Staff. If you have found to have violated the Non-Academic Judicial Student Code of Conduct, the assignment of one or more sanctions may be appropriate. We aim for this resolution to take place collaboratively through a Collaborative Sanctioning Meeting(CSM) when appropriate.

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Olivia Lynch
Coordinator, Student Conduct and Community Support
Residence Life Office, Room 631
Student Union Building
Wolfville, NS
B4P 2R6