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Alcohol, Cannabis, and Drugs


You can enjoy alcohol, just don't overdo it. If you're going out, pace yourself, make sure to eat, and have a safe way to get home. You never need to get drunk to have a good time.

Drinking can be part of your social life, but it shouldn't be the point of your social life. If you drink but don't get drunk, you'll reduce your risks, feel a lot better the next day, save some money, and probably avoid taking some selfies and sending texts that you're going to regret.

And please, take care of your friends. Call for help—a sober friend, an RA, a bouncer, 911—if you need it. Don't leave a friend passed out without making sure they're in a recovery position. Make sure you and your friends can get home safely. Only about half of Acadia's male students and two thirds of female students say they made sure to go home with a friend: that's not good enough.

Nova Scotia Liquor and Cannabis Laws
  • Liquor and cannabis are for adults age 19+ only
  • It is illegal to use a fake ID or to drink in a public open space
  • Drinking and driving is illegal, and the laws have recently been toughened
  • Provincial cannabis regulations include limitations on where you can smoke, how much you can carry, and how much you can grow.
Acadia University Substance Use Policy

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the university's official policy. We expect you to:

  • consume in a responsible manner and moderate your own behaviour
  • respect the rights of others who choose not to consume alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis and ensure they are not subject to possible harms from the actions of any individuals who are consuming
  • act immediately to help someone intoxicated or in the act of becoming over intoxicated
  • consume in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations

In short: follow the law, follow campus regulations, take care of each other, and avoid drinking to excess.

Safer Ways to Drink

  • Never drink and drive.
  • Avoid alcohol during pregnancy or if you have a medical condition that may cause negative effects. Alcohol can also have undesirable effects when combined with your prescription medications.
  • Have some basic plans for the evening. Make sure you have something to eat, pace yourself, and have a safe way home at the end of the night.
  • Take care of your friends. If they are drunk, make sure they can get home safely, are responsive, and are not vomiting.
  • If you don't know what's in it, pass. You don't have to take a drink from someone you don't know or trust. 
  • Don't mix drinks or mix drinking with drugs.

How to Spot Alcohol Poisoning

Call for help if:

  • You are unable to wake someone who has passed out from drinking too much;
  • They start vomiting in their sleep;
  • They start to have seizures;
  • They have slow and irregular breathing and heart rate; and/or
  • They are bluish, pale and/or have cold skin.


We encourage you to check out the Red and Blue Crew, Acadia students who were inspired by a tragic loss to drink responsibly and help others out when they drink. The Red & Blue Crew are never 'on duty' and they meet once a month. It's about drinking responsibly and helping out your fellow Acadia students if they are in need.

 Substance Use Policy (PDF)

 Share the Air Policy (PDF)


Dial 911

Safety & Security
Open 24 hours a day
Tel: 902.585.1103 or "88" from a campus 585 phone

519 Student Union Building
30 Highland Ave.
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R6

Naloxone kits are available at Safety & Security or in every Residence; ask an RA for assistance.


If substance use is impacting your life, please consider speaking with our Counselling team.

You can also book an appointment with a doctor at the campus Health Centre.