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Alcohol, Cannabis, and Drugs


Cannabis can be enjoyed responsibly in moderation. Use a safe, regulated cannabis product and pace yourself. Frequent or long-term cannabis use can have consequences for brain health and your lifestyle.

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Canada, and available at select NSLC stores. Like alcohol, you might enjoy cannabis in a social, recreational setting. Cannabis also has medicinal uses when prescribed by a medical professional. However, cannabis is not without its risks. Cannabis users should buy from a government-regulated source and use in moderation. Frequent use can impact your brain development and harm your overall well-being.

Just like alcohol, many students overestimate how many of their peers use cannabis, or how often they use it. In an October 2018 study, nearly half of surveyed Acadia students had never used cannabis. The majority of Acadia students who did use cannabis were occasional users who used it about once a month or less.

Nova Scotia Laws

We encourage you to be aware of Nova Scotia's laws governing cannabis. Although the Cannabis Act applies nationally, different provinces and territories have different laws.

  • The NSLC is the only authorized retailer of cannabis in Nova Scotia. You must be 19 or older to buy cannabis or alcohol.
  • You are permitted 30 grams of dried cannabis.
  • You may grow up to 4 plants in a private residence, but if you rent an apartment or house, it is up to your landlord if you can legally grow. You cannot grow cannabis in an Acadia University Residence.
  • Edibles are not available legally. Individuals may produce edibles for personal use, but remains illegal under federal law to sell them. Cooking or making edibles is not permitted in campus residences.
  • You cannot drive while impaired. There are several penalties (depending on the number of offenses) that range from fines of no less than $1000.00, loss of license, and jail time.
Rules on Campus
  • We strongly encourage you to be familiar with Acadia's Substance Use Policy and Share the Air Policy, both of which govern cannabis use on campus.
  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted in any building or on campus and violations of these rules will be dealt with through the Acadia University Share the Air Policy. The provincial regulations treat smoking and vaping in the same way and will not be permitted on campus.
  • We have a smoke-free campus except for the designated outdoor smoking locations on Highland Avenue and University Avenue.
  • You can carry cannabis with you on campus as long as it is properly stored in a sealed, airtight, scent-free container. As per government law, you are allowed a maximum of 30 grams of dried cannabis.
  • You can keep paraphernalia in your residence room if it is properly stored and that the scent is not an issue for others.

Safer Ways to Use Cannabis

  • Don't drive high.
  • Remember that the way you use cannabis will change its effects. There is often a delayed effect when consuming edibles, whereas smoking or vaping produces effects more quickly. Like drinking, make sure to pace yourself.
  • Remember that not all cannabis is created equal. Products with higher levels of THC will create much stronger effects. It is best to start slow and understand what you can use comfortably, safely, and socially. 
  • Use actual cannabis from regulated and trustworthy sources. Black market cannabis may contain mold, pesticides, and other unwanted or unhealthy substances. Be especially wary of street products like K2, Spice, and "synthetic cannabis", which have much different effects and may contain fentanyl and other dangerous substances. 
  • Smoking any substance can have harmful effects on your lungs. You can reduce this risk by using a vape or consuming edibles instead. Keep in mind that different methods of use take different lengths of time to produce a noticeable high.


 Substance Use Policy (PDF)

 Share the Air Policy (PDF)


Dial 911

Safety & Security
Open 24 hours a day
Tel: 902.585.1103 or "88" from a campus 585 phone

519 Student Union Building
30 Highland Ave.
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R6

Naloxone kits are available at Safety & Security or in every Residence; ask an RA for assistance.


If substance use is impacting your life, please consider speaking with our Counselling team.

You can also book an appointment with a doctor at the campus Health Centre.