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Health & Wellness

Food Assistance

Food Assistance and Resources

Students sometimes have challenges making ends meet and affording nutritious food that supports health, wellness, and learning. You are not alone. A recent study indicates that 38% of students are food insecure (Frank, 2018).

Acadia University, the Acadia Students’ Union, and Acadia Dining Services by Chartwells are all here to support you. Supports include donations, funding, and even a garden plot if you're interested in growing your own fruits and vegetables.

The Acadia Food Security Project

The Acadia Food Security Project is an ongoing campaign to bolster student food resources and to help ensure no students fall through the cracks when it comes to obtaining nutritious food that supports health, wellness, and learning. All funds will go towards enhancing the Programs and Resources listed on this website and enhance Acadia’s ongoing efforts towards creating and maintaining a food secure community on campus.

You can make your donation at giving.acadiau.ca/foodsecurity or reach out to a representative of the Office of Advancement at advancement@acadiau.ca or (866) 222-3428 to donate by phone or send a cheque by mail.

Every gift makes a difference! Thank you.

Assistance Programs

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” - Virginia Woolf

Acadia Students' Union Food Cupboard

Emergency food and other supplies are available at the Acadia Students’ Union Food Cupboard located on the second floor of the Student Union Building. Check with the ASU for operating hours and more information.

The Food Cupboard was established by the Acadia Students’ Union in 2017 with a start-up grant from Chartwells Canada. Volunteers are also welcome!

Chartwells Giving Back Fund

Access to food assistance such as grocery gift cards and local food boxes is available for Acadia students. Programs vary by semester depending on student need and available funding. Please contact studentsupport@acadiau.ca for details about current programs.

Acadia Dining Services by Chartwells provides financial support for student food assistance programs through the Giving Back Fund to Acadia. Programs are administered by the Acadia Food Services Advisory Committee in consultation with Chartwells and the Vice-President Finance and Administration.

Acadia Dining Plans

Assistance with meals on campus may be available to students with financial needs. Dining Services also strives to offer a range of dining options to meet the needs of student living on and off-campus. For assistance with dining plans, please contact studentsupport@acadiau.ca.

Acadia Community Farm

The Acadia Community farm is a campus-community educational garden with free garden plots available for Acadia students. The Farm operates from May to October and is located behind the Acadia Athletics Complex. Tools and gardening workshops are also provided. No experience is necessary to join. Email farm@acadiau.ca or visit our website to learn how to get involved.

Students gather around a selection of fresh products from the Growcer in the BAC lobby.Growcer Giveaways

The Growcer is our Farm-Inside-a-Box located behind Wheelock Dining Hall. 10% of produce is given away to students and local community. Watch for pop-up giveaways on campus during the academic year.

Local Discounts

Many local businesses offer discounts to students. Here are a few with a focus on food:

  • EOS offers 10% off all grocery items (all food ingredients but not including taxable items such as chocolate, ceramics, candles, supplements, etc.) on Wednesdays.
  • Bulk Barn offers 10% off on Wednesdays with student ID and you can bring your own containers to save packaging waste.
  • Sobeys offers 10% off on Tuesdays provided you have an Air Miles card and student ID.

Skills and Advocacy

Canada's Food Guide graphic depicting proportions of food groups on a plate.Canada Food Guide

Eating healthy and nutritious food supports learning and living well. The new Canada Food Guide provides guidance for healthy eating, cooking tips and more.

Acadia Food Services Advisory Committee

A committee of staff, faculty, and students works to advance healthy and sustainable food policies and practices at Acadia and provide advice and assistance in food service related matters on campus. The committee reports to the Vice President Finance and Administration & Chief Financial Officer. Contact sustainability@acadiau.ca or visit our website.

Ask Chef Peter

Chef Peter Welton smiles while wearing his uniform and chef's hat.

Wondering how you can make Ramen noodles more nutritious? Or do you have other questions about cooking or healthy eating? Ask our Executive Chef, Peter Welton!