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We are here to help. We provide confidential counselling services that can help students who are feeling worried, anxious or depressed, having relationship problems, addiction or academic concerns, or have experienced sexual violence.

Faculty and Staff can participate in the Employee and Family Assistance Program.

What to expect

We use a Stepped Care 2.0 model of service delivery that strives to offer a 30-minute first appointment within 24 hours to create a plan based on student concerns and needs.

  • You will be offered a 30-minute intake appointment on the same-day or within 24-hours.  At this appointment you will discuss with your counsellor what your care plan will look like.
  • Your care plan may include individual or group counselling, e-mental health options, community and/or peer support.
  • We use a collaborative strengths-based, resiliency approach that incorporates a student’s readiness to become actively involved in the change process.
  • Some students present with short term issues while others may need longer term support.  The number of sessions will be determined between you and your counsellor.


Your discussions with your counsellor and records of your appointments are confidential. Information will not be shared without your prior knowledge and written consent. There are limited circumstances where the law requires disclosure including situations such as child abuse, medical emergencies and threats of violence to oneself or others. It is also possible for records to be subpoenaed by a Court of Law.

Cancelling an appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us by 2pm the day before your scheduled appointment. To cancel a Monday appointment, please call by 2pm on Friday.

Confirmation of all appointments is required.


We are committed to providing all our students with exceptional care. When you fail to cancel or show up for your appointment, you prevent another student from being seen. Thank you for your consideration.

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Contact us for an appointment:
Tel: 902.585.1246

Old SUB lower level


Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm