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Spiritual Wellness

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality can include the celebration of a person’s identity and cultivation of one’s fullest potential. Other dimensions of spirituality may include pursuing depth and fulfillment in relationships with others; fostering links to nature and all that exists in the universe; making an effort to connect with God/Higher Power; integrating the spiritual quest with academic development; exercising agency to overcome adversity and have hope; resolving to contribute to making the world a better place.

Spiritual Wellness

For many of us, spiritual wellness is an important part of our mental health and overall well-being. Spiritual Wellness can be explored via organized religion or other paths, activities and beliefs that give us a sense of purpose and meaning.

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  • Prayer
  • Loved
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  • Word
  • Rosary
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Manning Memorial Chapel

The Manning Memorial Chapel is the spiritual heart of Acadia University. Over fifty years ago, students sought a prayer space and championed its construction. To this day, students continue to be the driving force behind spirituality on campus. We aim to meet the needs of today's students, including those of different faiths; and those with no faith commitment, who are curious about religion and spirituality. The Chapel facilitates interfaith awareness, dialogue and action.

The Chapel is an inclusive place that hosts both secular and non-secular groups. Non-Christian faiths are welcome to use the facility for worship or events. The Chapel is home to a variety of events, from concerts to yoga to potluck food gatherings. Many students appreciate using its quiet spaces to reflect or even to study. The Chapel is open from 6am to 10pm every day of the year.

Our Chaplain

Acadia's Chaplain conducts Christian worship services that are ecumenical, Protestant, inclusive and affirming. Other resources are provided for prayer and meditation; individual and group spiritual care; and for retreats, Bible studies and meditation experiences in virtual and face to face experiences.

The Chapel Choir

The Chapel Choir is Directed by John Scott and comprised of approximately 24 persons. The Choir is famous for its moving leadership of congregational singing and inspiring choral presentations during worship services. The Choir also gives performances at the Chapel as well as venues within and beyond Nova Scotia. A virtual performance by the Choir provided comfort to Nova Scotians in the wake of the tragic events of April 2020.

For information on services, concerts, events, and more, please contact us by email, visit the Chapel website, check out links to the Chapel and Choir on Facebook, Instagram pages and YouTube channel

Other Spiritual Resources

Mindfulness and Meditation Via the Counseling Centre

Spirituality can be an important part of your mental health. Some of us may not participate in an organized religion, but still seek activities that help us find balance and fulfillment. Consider incorporating practices like mindfulness and meditation: Acadia's Mental Health team offers workshops on both mindfulness and yoga.

Prayer Spaces and Local Places of Worship

Acadia University offers a Muslim Prayer Space in Cutten House.

There are unfortunately few places of worship near Wolfville. Students who wish to practice their faith in a formal setting may benefit from visiting Halifax, where there are several places of worship, including: synagogues; mosques; and Buddhist, Hindu, and Sikh temples.

The Chapel website offers a list of nearby Christian churches of various denominations.

What Do Students Think About the Manning Memorial Chapel Activities?

Re: Availability of Chaplain if Students Want to Talk

I really appreciate your offer…Because since we have faced stressful time, we need time to express own thoughts. I would like to show my appreciation for your offer and I will take advantage if I need to talk to anyone

Re: Eid Mubarak Greeting to Muslim Members of the Acadia Community

Thanks for your greeting! I am a Muslim and … also seeing an active effort to recognize the Muslim community, I just wanted to send a thank you email!

Re: Chag Sameach Greeting to Jewish Members of the Acadia Community as they celebrated Shavuot.

Thank you for this lovely message. It means so much that you have recognized Jewish holidays for those of us who are observant.