Residence & Campus Life

Residences & Housing

Returning Students

Living in residence is a great choice for every year of your studies. The convenience of being close to the library, classes and dining hall allows you to concentrate on your studies as well as opening up additional leadership opportunities on campus, such as House Council positions. Residences are comfortable, convenient, and you have the advantage of everything being included in your fees as well as access to our team of RAs and professional staff to assist you.

We have sections in a number of residences dedicated for upper year students and two buildings specifically for mature or upper year students. We also have designated quiet sections and alcohol free sections in residence and a women only residence (Whitman House known as “Tully”). Talk to your RA or contact our office as we are happy to advise you on which buildings and sections would suit your needs.

Students returning to residence get first choice of our rooms on campus through our “Room Draw” and application process.

Our residences conform to the highest standards of safety and benefit from monitored fire alarm and security camera systems, swipe card door entry, sprinkler systems, 24 hour support from residence staff, maintenance and custodial staff and Safety and Security. In residence we have a team dedicated to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Residence benefits:

  • One fee for your room, heat, electricity, internet, local phone service, common area cleaning.
  • Wireless and wired access to the university network and the internet throughout residence.
  • Unlimited meal plans that operate either five or seven days per week with additional top-up options of “dining dollars”.
  • 24 hour access to support and assistance
  • Programs and events to help you get to know your neighbours and make lasting friendships
  • Monitored fire safety systems regularly serviced and inspected
  • Monitored security cameras
  • Swipe card entry to the front door of all buildings and most bedrooms on campus
  • Convenient laundry facilities in each building
  • Access to our Safety and Security desk 24 hours a day so that one call can get your help and assistance for maintenance, lockouts, or to access service and supports.
  • Convenient payments in September and January for your room and meal fees