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Spring & Summer Residence Accommodations

Are you interested in living in Residence for part or all of Summer 2021? Applications are available now. Please review the information below for more details.


The Summer 2021 term in Residence will run from May 1, 2021 until August 25, 2021. You can book arrival and departure on dates of your choosing during the Summer 2021 term, but you must stay for a minimum of 1 month.

Students who are currently living in Residence for the Winter 2021 term and will be continuing their stay beginning May 1 are able to stay in Residence between April 25 and May 1 at no additional charge, but will be required to move during this time. Similarly, students who are living in Residence for the summer and continuing to live in Residence for the Fall 2021 term are able to stay between terms. No other students will be permitted to stay past August 25, 2021.


In order to live in Residence during Summer 2021 term, you must either:

  • Have been enrolled as a student during the Winter 2021 term:


  • Be registered in at least one course for the Spring 2021 and/or Summer 2021 intersession terms.

Accommodations and Meals

You will live in War Memorial House for the duration of the Summer 2021 term. The Wheelock Dining Hall will be closed during this time and no meal plans are able to be offered. War Memorial House is equipped with full kitchens on each floor to allow students to prepare their own meals during this time.

Residence Fees

The fees below are based on staying for the entire summer term. If your stay is less than this period, this amount will be prorated based on the actual number of days you have stayed to a minimum of one month. Please note that the fees for double rooms and deluxe double rooms have been raised as these are larger rooms and single occupancy (i.e. no roommate) is guaranteed for the summer term.

  • Single Room | $3,702.50
  • Deluxe Single | $4,142.50
  • Premium Single | $4,610.00
  • Double Room (Single Occupancy) | $3,909.00
  • Deluxe Double (Single Occupancy) | $4,142.50
  • Single in Suite | $4,097.50

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