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Acadia University’s Residence Life Department is excited to continue the growth of our Living Learning Program on campus by offering six unique and exciting communities to campus. Our Themed Communities are specialized communities intentionally designed to help you meet other students like you and enhance your first year at Acadia. To learn more about our Living Learning Program and the communities we will be offering for the 2023/24 Academic term, check out our video and read the full description of the communities provided below.

This video was created by Kayla Moorcroft of the Creative Corridor in partnership with Acadia's Residence Life and Student Life departments.

2023/24 Themed Communities

Get Outdoors

This themed community is open for all students living in residence who love getting outside and exploring the local landscapes through planned hikes and programming tailored to enjoying the outdoors.

Come and experience the great outdoors and surrounding trails that our small town of Wolfville has to offer! Get Outdoors is all about being outside and engaging in outdoor recreation through hikes, walks through the KCIC Gardens, and enjoying all that nature has to offer in this beautiful part of the world we call home.

Physically Active Living

This themed community is open for all students living in residence who practice physically active living and aim to achieve overall wellness through proper nutrition and healthy habits.

The Physically Active Living community is a shared living space for students in residence to live, grow, and make personal strides together through exercise and self-care. By being part of this community, individuals will be provided programming opportunities tailored towards the fitness-minded and will be connected with others in the Acadia community who share a passion for exercise, sports, dietetics, and setting/achieving personal goals.

Creative Corridor

This themed community is open for all students living in residence who share a passion for making and identify as a creative person through means of artworks, creation, design thinking, and 21st century technologies such as 3D printing.

The Creative Corridor joins people who share that creative spark and appreciate various forms of art, creativity and making. This community provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in creativity through original pieces of art that capture you and your peers' creative expression. It will further develop your creativity through means of inspiration and education.

The Server

This themed community is open for first-year students of any program who enjoy all forms of gaming electronically or by means of offline board games.

Be sure to pack your keyboard and mouse or controller (we don't judge!). The Server is all about connecting in both real life and the virtual world. Here you will find others with a passion for board games, gaming, e-sports, and technology. Whether you are interested in RPGs, FPSs, survival games, or even Monopoly, there is something for everyone in The Server.


This themed community is open for all first-year female-identifying students who are members of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields of study.

The W.I.S.E. community is all about connecting and fostering supportive networks between female-identifying students in the fields of study associated with W.I.S.E. This community will be home to opportunities that enhance faculty-to-peer relationships and develop strong support networks within the community.

Music Enthusiasts

This themed community is open for all first-year students who are passionate about all things music. Whether it's playing music, listening to music, or shredding the air guitar, Music Enthusiasts is for the musician in us all.

From AC/DC to Johann Sebastian Bach, music and rhythm are in us all. Being part of this community is a great way to learn more about music and find people who share their own passions for the music world. Embark on your music journey with programming tailored around loving music. Learn how to play an instrument, start a residence band, or have a silent disco. If you love music, this community is for you.

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Living in an LLC requires a separate application that is available for admitted students who have applied for Residence and paid their deposit. Haven’t applied for Residence yet? No problem – visit the Residence Portal after you have paid your admission deposit to get started.

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