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Are you interested in living in one of our Living Learning Communities?

Acadia University Residence Life is excited to announce that we will be offering Living Learning Communities (LLCs) for the first time this Fall. LLCs are specialized communities intentionally designed to help you meet other students like you and enhance your first year at Acadia. This year, Acadia is offering 4 different LLCs to choose from, all designed to meet a variety of interests and passions.

Creative Corridor

The Creative Corridor joins people who share that creative spark and appreciate various forms of art and creativity. This LLC provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the artistic creativity of your peers, create original pieces of art that capture your own creative expression and further develop your creativity through means of inspiration and education.

Intended for: First-year students in any program of study who are passionate about art, crafting, design, and other creative projects as hobbies or career pursuits.

Exploration Wellness

Exploration Wellness is a shared living space for individuals who stride towards healthy living and outdoor recreation. Connect with Wolfville's local landscape and other active individuals as you embark on new explorations and start a wellness journey that inspires you to get outside and pursue means of physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Intended for: First-year students in any program of study who are committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoying the outdoors.

Transform Acadia

Transform Acadia brings together individuals who are passionate leaders and social justice advocates who want to make a difference in the world. Develop your leadership skills while you tackle the projects and problems most important to you. Along with others in this LLC, you will take action, volunteer, and get engaged with the local community and beyond.

Intended for: First-year students in any program of study who have a passion for social justice, want to develop leadership skills, and are interested in making a difference in the community.

The Server

Be sure to pack your keyboard and mouse or controller (we don't judge!). The Server is all about connecting in both real life and the virtual world. Here you will find others with a passion for gaming, e-sports, and technology. Whether you are interested in RPGs, FPSs, survival games, or even robotics, there is something for everyone in The Server. Get plugged in and join us!

Intended for: First-year students in any program of study who enjoy gaming, e-sports, and technology and want to use this as an opportunity to connect with others in Residence.

Apply Today!

Living in an LLC requires a separate application that is available for admitted students who have applied for Residence and paid their deposit. Haven’t applied for Residence yet? No problem – visit the Residence Portal after you have paid your admission deposit to get started.

Already have an active application for Residence? Visit the Residence Portal now to apply for an LLC of your choice or to learn more about these options.