Scholarships & Financial Aid - Current Students


Bursaries offer help to students with established unmet need (ex. a student loan) who are performing satisfactorily in an academic program as a full-time student. Bursaries do not need to be paid back. Funds are credited directly to your student account.

The bursary application is available now until January 31, 2024. All current students are emailed when it opens.


How to Apply

Complete the application by logging in with your Acadia username. Your Acadia username is the first part of your Acadia email address. For example, if your email address is, your username is 123456a.

If you’re applying for a bursary, you must also complete the scholarship/award application.

The deadline for bursary and scholarship and awards applications is January 31, 2024.

For more information regarding bursaries and scholarships and awards, please contact


  • Canadian and American students must be receiving government financial assistance such as a Canada/Provincial Student Loan or subsidized US Direct Loan to be eligible for a bursary.

  • You must be studying in an Acadia University program. Acadia Divinity College students are ineligible for funding through these programs and should contact ADC directly with funding inquiries.

  • The University reserves the right to cancel or to curtail any financial benefits in the event of a low standard of academic work or of objectionable conduct.

Family Status (dependent, independent, etc.)

Single independent

Typically, to be considered single independent you would have had to graduate from high school more than 4 full years prior. If student loan classifies you as single independent, then we would as well.

If you are single independent, please put $0 under the income 1 & 2. Do not include your income as you would have already inputted this information under Study Period Resources. You would also put your family size as 1 with 1 in university.

Dependent children

This only applies if you have children of your own. If you do not have your own children, please put 0. If you do have your own children, please indicate how many.

Single parents

If you are a single parent, do not include parent, guardian, or spousal income. Please put $0 under income 1 & 2. Do not include your income, as you would have already inputted this information under Study Period Resources.

Study Period Expenses

This section refers to the amount of money you will be receiving during the academic year. For example, if you have a part-time job during the academic year, please enter the amount you will receive under employment income. If you are not receiving any money, you can enter $0 in this section.

Please do not list the scholarships/bursaries that you receive from Acadia in the “External scholarships and bursaries” section.

Other expenses refer to any additional expenses you may have in a month that are not listed in the application. This includes gas, insurance (auto and tenant), taxi/bus fare, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies, medication, pet supplies, clothing, etc. Please note that if you have children, you can include your child’s expenses under this category as well.

Student Loan Information

A student loan assessment for the current academic year is required before we can review applications. Most provinces provide students with an assessment for the full academic year, from September to April. However, some provinces only provide a term at a time, from September to December and then December to April. If your province only provides one a term at a time, we will assess your application based on the fall assessment and then reassess in January based on the winter assessment. Select Loan Assessments for Bursaries on for instructions on how to retrieve your loan assessment.

If you were declined by student loans, you may still be eligible to apply for the bursary program. Please send an email to and explain why you were declined. Please also forward supporting documents that explain why you were declined, and we will review the information and advise whether you can still apply.

International Students

"Total amount your family has provided you to this date" refers to the amount of money they have given you for the current academic year, at the time you are completing the application. Please enter the amount in Canadian Dollars.

“Additional amount expected to be provided by your family” refers to any additional funds your family will be sending you. Please do not include the amount you listed in the section above. Enter the amount in Canadian Dollars.