It is an honour to serve my alma mater as its Vice-President, Academic.

Educational exploration is a way of life here. We specialize in providing a premium educational experience. Our academic offerings are rigorous and your learning will go beyond the classroom with community-based problem solving across. Our faculty members are deeply committed to supporting student learning inside and outside of the classroom. You will be guided to access rich and meaningful research opportunities in collaboration with your professors. We have a rich array of co-op education and study abroad opportunities.

Our personalized approach to your education is unique among post-secondary institutions. I encourage you to get to know your professors and be an active participant in your learning. I know first-hand that Acadia’s liberal education tradition is transformative and will help you grow as a person, preparing you for our complex world.

“The mission of Acadia University is to provide a personalized and rigorous liberal education; promote a robust and respectful scholarly community; and inspire a diversity of students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, engaged citizens, and responsible global leaders.”

Dr. Heather Hemming
Vice-President, Academic