Alumni are one of Acadia University's greatest assets. The Acadia Alumni Association offers and supports a suite of awards and honours to recognize and showcase those who have earned distinction and achieved inspirational success in life and career. Their diverse contributions reflect favorably on Acadia and serve to represent and promote the University both here at home and around the world.

Honorary Degrees

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Acadia Alumni Distinguished Alumni Award

The Acadia University Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes the truly outstanding achievements of a graduate of Acadia University whose endeavours have distinguished them in their chosen profession or community.

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Nomination deadline: October 31. Click here for a Nomination Form.

Acadia Alumni Outstanding Young Alumni Award

The Associated Alumni Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes Acadia alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years whose endeavours in professional research, athletics, the arts, the community or other areas worthy of recognition bring honour to Acadia University.

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Nomination deadline: July 31. Click here for a Nomination Form.

Acadia Alumni Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

The newly reinstated Acadia Alumni Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes a continued record of excellence in teaching students and future alumni of Acadia University with a focus on the faculty member’s professional and teaching accomplishments. Candidates for this Award must be current full-time, part-time or contract members of the teaching faculty and have taught at Acadia University for at least three years.

Nomination deadline: November 30. Click here for a Nomination Form.

Past recipients include:

Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients

2019       Dr. Jennifer MacDonald, History and Classics

2018       Dr. Michelle Boyd, School of Music

2017       Professor Ann Dodge, School of Recreation Management and Kinesiology

2016       Dr. Randy Newman, Department of Psychology

2009       Dr. Stephen Ash, F. C. Manning School of Business

2008       Dr. Brenda Robertson, School of Recreation Management and Kinesiology

2007       Dr. Gregory MacKinnon, School of Education

2006       Dr. Stephen Maitzen, Department of Philosophy

2004       Dr. Peter Williams, Physics Department

2000       Dr. Frederick H. Chipman (1961) Math and Stats Department

1998       Dr. Jeanette Auger, Sociology Department

1997       Dr. Mervin Chen, Sociology Department

1996       Dr. Thomasz Muldner, Computer Science

1995       Dr. Merritt A. Gibson (1951) Biology Department

1994       Dr. Stanley Fisher, School of Music

1993       Dr. Gary Ness, Recreation and Physical Activity

1992       Dr. Gwen Davies, English Department

1991       Dr. Maurice Tugwell, Economics Department

1990       Professor Edward Eagles, English Department

1989       Dr. Sandra Barr, Geology Department

1988       Dr. James Stokesbury (1960) History Department

1987       Dr. J. Sherman Bleakney (1949) Biology Department

1986       Dr. Charles Taylor (1951) Acadia Divinity College

Acadia Alumni Isaac Chipman Award for Excellence in Alumni Service

The Acadia Alumni Isaac Chipman Award for Excellence in Alumni Service recognizes an alumnus or alumna of Acadia University who has had a significant positive impact on Acadia and its alumni. The award focuses on a recipient who has provided consistent support in the form of time, effort and resources to the services and promotion of the advancement of the University and its alumni. The award is to express pride and appreciation for outstanding alumni in their advancement of Acadia and its alumni.

Nomination deadline: May 31. Click here for a Nomination Form.

2018 Recipient

Beverley Richardson ('60)

Beverley RichardsonBeverley (Trites) Richardson, a member of the Class of 1960, studied secretarial science with a music minor. She was involved in the Acadia Choral Society, Acadia Orchestra (violin), NFCUS, SCM, PC Party, cheerleading, and served as a monitor for Horton Academy girls in Seminary. Beverley entered and graduated from Victoria General Hospital in Halifax from the three-year nursing program then married Dick Currie, whom she met on the Acadia basketball court. The couple has three daughters and eight grandchildren. Beverley nursed private duty for cancer patients in Saint John, N.B., where she was involved with Acadia Alumni (1962-1968). The couple moved to Boston when Dick attended Harvard Business School, and opened a premature nursery at the Cambridge Hospital. Years later, Beverley and her family settled in Toronto, where she continued to be involved with Acadia Alumni. She was involved also with volunteer work at her girls’ school, grief and bereavement counseling at her church, and fundraising events. Beverley helped take the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Choir to England and Scotland, arranging all venues and accommodations prior to the trip. She was the Editor for Crafts for J.A.M. magazine for young people for three years. Beverley traveled extensively, enjoying many Pro-Am golf tournaments along the way. In 1988, she married Acadia grad Grant Richardson, moving to Truro, where he taught Physics and Math. Grant took a year study leave in England, returning to Truro, and set up a 4.5 star Bed and Breakfast (The Silver Firs) which operated for nine years. Special guests included Prime Minister Kim Campbell, a Four-Star General, Vienna String Quartet, and more. In addition, the company catered to wedding parties. Beverley worked on many church boards and the Colchester Hospital Foundation. In 2000, Beverley moved to Wolfville. Her hobbies include gardening, reading, needlework, and painting in watercolour and acrylics. Beverley has been busy for the past four years organizing “Friends of Lucas” as a financial support system for pianist Lucas Porter. She keeps busy on the Board of Landmark East and the Valley Regional (Hospice) Foundation as well as involved in Wolfville Baptist Church organizations. She is presently the President of the Social and Benevolent Society, which organizes and prepares for all church receptions, teas and dinners, including the Divinity College.

Athenaeum and Acadia Alumni Student of the Year Award

Created in 1981, The Athenaeum and Associated Alumni of Acadia University Student of the Year Award recognizes an Acadia student who has excelled throughout their time at Acadia and embodies the Acadia spirit. The award is presented annually to a nominee who has contributed to the Acadia and Wolfville communities through their extracurricular and/or academic activities, and has worked to further the Acadia spirit. Nominees must be full-time students. Preference will be given to students who will be graduating in May of the current academic year.

Completed nomination forms must be returned in a sealed envelope to one of the following locations:
Information Desk, Students’ Union Centre (Attention: Angie Govier)

Front Desk, Alumni Hall (Attention: Melanie Jackson)
Applications may include letters of reference and other supporting materials, such as resumes and unofficial transcripts.
Nomination Deadline: April 30. Click here for a Nomination Form.

Past recipients include:

Student of the Year Award Recipients

2019      Samantha Teichman and Ruvimbo Chipazi

2018      Emily Murray

2017      Katie Ross

2016      Todd Dow

2015      Kenzie MacNeil

2014      Darcy Shea

2013      Lindsay Harris

2012      William Roberts

2011      Christina Muehlberger

2010      Leslie Lewis

2009      Rhys Kavanagh

2008      Alex Redfield and Hillary Barter

2007      Jordan M. Sheriko

2006      Megan Margaret Jean Burns

2005      Melissa Ann Brockerville

2004      Adam Armstrong

2003      Hannah-Ruth Feldberg

2002      Laura Elizabeth Saunders

2001      Meghann Clare Lloyd

2000      Paul F. BLack

1999      Tracy K. Antle

1998      David V. Wright

1997      Karen Lynnette Hood

1996      Jason G. Williams

1995      Thomas M. Hamza

1994      Stephen S. S. Lee

1993      Michele Hilton

1992      Robert G. Reeves

1991      Maureen J. MacDonald

1990      Pamela J. Butler

1989      Clive V. Anderson

1988      Sara Lynn Porter

1987      Stephen J. Smith

1986      Frances L. Peck 

1985      Edgar P. Spalding

1984      James K. Cruickshank

1983      Brad Yuill and Martha Grandmont

1982      Alan R. Dennis

1981      Eleanor Borden Crowell

The Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award

The Outstanding University Service Award is presented in recognition of a staff member who has had a significant positive impact on Acadia, its students and its alumni. The Award is an expression of Acadia Alumni’s appreciation for an outstanding staff member who has contributed above and beyond the requirements of their job to ensure that Acadia provides an environment that encourages academic, athletic, cultural, organizational and social development of the Acadia community. The ideal candidate would be one who demonstrates a dedication to the goals of the University and this person, while being proficient in his/her job duties, would exemplify the Acadia spirit in both the execution of his/her job and extracurricular Acadia activities. Of greatest importance is the person's ability to foster an environment in which students and/or members of the Acadia community might thrive.

Nomination deadline: April 30. Click here for a Nomination Form.

Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award Recipients

2019 Eric Cederberg

2008 Pat McNutt

2007 James Sanford

2006 Elaine Schofield

2004 Safety and Security Department

2000 Carolyn Bowlby, Kaye Burke, Millard Cherry, Edith Hicking, Don Mosher, Ernie Hovell, Al Whittle

1999 Staff of Physical Plant – Past and Present

1998 Don Wells

1997 Vincent Leung

1996 John Mercer

1995 Mary Miles

Acadia Sports Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Acadia Sports Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the athletic program at Acadia University and who, as a result of their contribution, have enhanced the image and reputation of the University. The Acadia Sports Hall of Fame is administered by the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Department of Athletics.

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