Cheryl MacDonald named Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award winner

The Acadia Alumni Association is proud to announce that long-time Acadia employee Cheryl MacDonald is this year’s recipient of the Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award.

If anyone at Acadia epitomizes the term, ‘university service’, it’s Cheryl. Currently Administrative Manager, Dean of Arts, Cheryl has devoted herself to the University for more than 40 years in a variety of different positions and capacities, greeting the public, alumni, students, faculty and staff with consistent kindness and professionalism.

She has an encyclopedic knowledge of Acadia’s administrative structures, personnel and institutional culture that she shares regularly with Chairs, Directors and Coordinators in the Faculty of Arts, and her tremendous commitment has left an indelible mark that will stand as a benchmark of service excellence for years to come.

“Cheryl represents the very best of what Acadia is all about,” says Alumni Association President Donalda MacBeath (’75). “Since her arrival at Acadia in July 1979, she has been engaged on many levels, working in a front-line role that involves staff, students, alumni, the public and members of Acadia’s administration. Her institutional knowledge, genuine caring and general goodwill has characterized the Faculty of Arts for more than four decades. We are delighted to acknowledge her long-standing service and considerable contribution to Acadia’s reputation, and congratulate her on this achievement.”

Dean of Arts Dr. Laura Robinson (’88) says, “from small (but so important) gestures like having dog treats at the ready for visiting canines and a bowl of candy on her desk for human visitors to larger competencies, such as her knowledge of the operations of the Faculty of Arts and the collective agreement, Cheryl makes a real difference every day. With her compassion, good humour, and readiness to dig in to get the job done, Cheryl embodies and transmits the Acadia spirit.”

Interestingly, Cheryl is also a member of Acadia’s alumni community. She began a BA in sociology part-time in 1991 and completed the degree in 2000.

The Outstanding University Service Award is an expression of the Alumni Association’s appreciation for a staff member who has contributed above and beyond job requirements to ensure that Acadia provides an environment that encourages academic, athletic, cultural, organizational and social development.

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Written by Fred Sgambati (’83)


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