Geoff Irvine named 2020 recipient of Isaac Chipman Award for Excellence in Alumni Service


The Acadia Alumni Association is proud to announce that Geoff Irvine (’87) is this year’s recipient of the Acadia Alumni Isaac Chipman Award for Excellence in Alumni Service.

Geoff has been a friend of Acadia for more than 30 years, serving on Student Council and Frosh Committee as an undergraduate; as Executive Director of Alumni Affairs from 2006-09; as a member of Acadia’s Board of Governors twice (in 2005-06 and 2016-19); and on the Associated Alumni of Acadia University (now Acadia Alumni Association) Board in several capacities, including Vice-President and President (2016-18).

He has always been a champion of the alumni community in good times and bad, persistently encouraging mutual respect and collegiality and never losing sight of the value that alumni bring to Acadia through their shared experience, storytelling capacity, fundraising ability and overall affection for and affinity to the institution.

President of the Acadia Alumni Association, Donalda MacBeath (’75), has known Geoff for many years and values his commitment to the University and the Alumni Association.

“Geoff is a fine example of what volunteerism should be,” she says. “You don’t have to spend a lot of time with him to know how passionate he is about Acadia and how important alumni are to the University’s success, now and in the future. He has cultivated relationships, recruited students, established key protocols that govern our executive actions today, and his long history of service exemplifies his dedication to sustaining the Acadia experience for prospective students who will one day graduate and become part of the Acadia alumni family.”

“I’m honoured to receive this award named after such a significant Acadia alumnus,” Irvine says. “I have been blessed to be able to benefit from the unique educational and personal growth experiences offered by Acadia and made lifelong friends both as a student and then many years later as a leader in the alumni community.  I strongly urge all alumni to get involved with Acadia in any way you can, including mentoring and recruiting students, attending events or making a monthly donation to a program of interest. The mental drift back to our halcyon days in Wolfville is a tonic!”

The Acadia Alumni Isaac Chipman Award for Excellence in Alumni Service recognizes a graduate of Acadia University who has had a significant positive impact on Acadia and its alumni. The award focuses on a recipient who has provided consistent support in the form of time, effort and resources to the services and promotion of the advancement of the University and its alumni.

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By Fred Sgambati (’83)

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