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The notion of family and taking care of one another are threads that are woven through the fabric of Acadia University’s illustrious 182-year history. One family in particular has had a significant and enduring impact at Acadia, tending carefully to the University’s students, faculty and staff while quietly establishing itself as Acadia’s most generous benefactors: the Arthur Irving family of Saint John, NB.

A key component to the success of the Campaign for Acadia was the generous support of many young alumni who embraced the motto, ‘Every gift matters’. Members of the Acadia alumni community in every aspect were dedicated to meeting and exceeding the Campaign’s ambitious $75-million goal, but recent graduates, particularly those in the last decade, answered the call and provided foundational gifts that sustained and enhanced the Campaign’s momentum.

Imagine a modern woodshop, where instead of hammers and saws the tools are 3-D printers, laser cutters, and specialty software. Acadia imagined just such a place. The R. Howard Webster Foundation helped make it a reality.

Dr. Gordon MacNeill (’48, ’87 HON) once thought he wouldn’t go to university. He would finish high school, get a job in his hometown of Sydney, Cape Breton and that would be it. Post-secondary school wasn’t really part of the plan.

For many people, particularly athletes, the past always informs the present. Memories of glory days gone by never grow old and youthful accomplishments come to life as vividly as if they happened only yesterday.

Food insecurity is a persistent issue for many post-secondary students that has assumed even greater importance since the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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