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Trunk Rooms (storage)

We provide free storage to all students living in residence. Each building has a trunk room (students living in Christofor Hall may store their items in the trunk room of Eaton House).

  • All items in the trunk room must be clearly labelled with your name, student number, and room assignment.
  • The Residence Life Office cleans the trunk rooms over the summer months, and your belongings may be moved as a result.
  • We are not responsible for any damaged or missing items in the trunk rooms.

Please review the information and Storage Guidelines below.

Trunk Room Access

The Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) is responsible for the trunk room. If you wish access your stored items, you can do so during the established times, or contact the SRA to make an appointment. You can also access the trunk room in December prior to winter break, as well as in January after winter break. Trunk room hours are also scheduled in April prior to the end of the semester so you can collect and/or store things for the summer.

Summer Storage

We provide summer storage to students who are returning to residence in September. Items should be stored in the building that you have been assigned for September. If your plans change over the summer and you will not be returning to residence in September, you will need to claim your items prior to the end of September. Unclaimed items will be sent to lost and found in October and held there until the spring.

Storage Guidelines

The number of items you may store is based on where you are from:

  • Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick: 1 item
  • Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New England: up to 2 items 
  • Beyond these locations: up to 4 items 

Each item, with the exception of a mini-fridge, must be properly packaged in a suitcase, sealed box, trunk or storage container and labelled with your full name, student number and September room assignment. Fridges must be empty, defrosted and clean. 

Furniture is not permitted for storage. 

Neither Acadia University nor the Department of Residence Life can accept any liability for items that may be lost or damaged in any way. You may want to insure your items. We advise against storing anything that has personal or sentimental value.

The following items may not be stored in any Acadia University residence trunk room:

  • Pressurized flammable products such as cigarette lighters, propane cylinders, and personal care products
  • Scented oil containers
  • Pyrotechnics (fireworks), matches, candles or any item that could cause the spread of fire
  • Damp/wet clothing, food products, any item that could result in the growth of mould
  • BBQ starter fluid
  • Weapons, including firearms, bows, knives or any other item deemed a weapon by the Department of Safety & Security
  • Bicycles, car tires, batteries
  • Other items which may pose a threat to personal safety or well-being of those individuals charged with the care and control of stored items