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Environmental Geoscience

Environmental Geoscience explores how our planet works. You will study how Earth, atmosphere, and ocean processes interact with the biosphere and human activities.

Find insights between Environmental Science and Geology.

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Environmental Geoscience is a diverse scientific program. You will learn about the dynamics and history of our planet. You will discover how that impacts the environmental, energy and mining industries within Canada and abroad. You will gain a wide range of expertise.

Class sizes are small. You will make frequent field trips, and you will be part of a close-knit community. The strong network you develop will typically continue long after you graduate. A mix of field work and technology will give you hands-on experience and exposure to all aspects of environmental geoscience. Our faculty members are dedicated to your success. They’ll provide you with individual attention.

Environmental geoscience bridges the gap between environmental science and geology. Do you see yourself as a professional environmental geoscientist some day? Our degree program will help you get there. Thanks to our rural setting and small class sizes, you will have field and laboratory opportunities at every level of study.  

Environmental geoscientists are in demand. Many of our graduates work as consultants to governments and private industry. They ensure that resources in mining, oil and gas, and hydrogeology are developed with the environment in mind. Your degree will provide international career opportunities.  

The degree program is available at both a BSc and BSc (Honours) level. Do you hope to be registered as a professional environmental geoscientist? Our curriculum allows you to meet Nova Scotia’s provincial standards.

In your first and second years, the core courses are a combination of both the environmental science and geology major program. You will also study first-year biology, chemistry, math, and physics. In your third year, you will study geochemistry, geophysics, hydrogeology and environmental science.

First Year at a Glance

First semester

  • GEOL 1013 and GEOL 1010L
    Our Dynamic Earth, with Lab
  • CHEM 1013 and CHEM 1010L
    General Chemistry 1, with Lab
  • ENVS 1013
    Introduction to Environmental Science 1
  • BIOL 1113 and BIOL 1110L
    Organisms and their Environment 1, with Lab
  • ELECTIVE xxx3
    Your choice

Second semester

  • GEOL 1023
    Earth History: Global Change through Time
  • CHEM 1023
    General Chemistry 2
  • ENVS 1023
    Introduction to Environmental Science 2
  • BIOL 1123
    Organisms and their Environment 2
  • ELECTIVE xxx3
    Your choice

Future Careers

  • Clean energy researcher
  • Environmental auditor
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental geoscientist
  • Exploration geologist
  • Geochemist
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist
  • Geophysicist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Petroleum geologist
  • Seismologist
  • ...and many other careers in the environmental, mining, and oil industries

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