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Law and Society

Learn to think critically about the law and legal systems in Canada and abroad. You will learn how the law intersects with political, economic, environmental, and social issues.

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Law and Society is an interdisciplinary program. It examines the theory, practice, and social consequences of law through a variety of research methods and modes of analysis. You will learn to think critically about the law, legal systems in Canada and abroad, and how the law intersects with pressing political, economic, environmental, and social issues. If you are seeking a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach to the study of law, this program is ideal for you.

When you study Law and Society at Acadia, you will have the opportunity to

  • learn to identify and assess principles of law and justice
  • gain specialized skills in legal research
  • learn to critically analyze legal processes in Canada
  • learn to identify and assess the interaction of legal and institutional variables with more dynamic societal variables
  • learn to identify and analyze legal problems
  • develop critical and creative thinking skills
  • learn effective communication skills

At Acadia, you are a big part of your small classes. Our experienced faculty will bring their research and opinions into the classroom. They will encourage you to share your ideas as you acquire knowledge and skills.

Your academic journey will offer you a full liberal arts experience, including the humanities (English and Theatre, History, Philosophy), social sciences (Politics, Sociology, Psychology), and professional studies (Business). Along the way, you will broaden your skills in research, reading and writing. With these skills, you will be able to make a significant contribution to Canadian society. The Law and Society program will prepare you for career opportunities in a wide range of areas.

Acadia offers a personalized education. In Law and Society, you can explore what interests you. It is possible to earn a major in Law and Society alone, or you may combine it with another discipline to receive a double major or a minor. We also offer an honours program, which will be of particular interest if you propose to do graduate work in a profession such as law, medicine or education.

First Year at a Glance

First semester

  • ENGL 1413 or 1483
    Writing & Reading Critically
  • LAWS 1003
    Introduction to Law & Society
  • LANGUAGES xxx3
    Introductory language course
  • POLS 1303
    Introduction to Law, Politics, and Government
  • SCIENCE xxx3
    Introductory science course

Second semester

  • ENGL 1423 or 1493
    Writing & Reading Critically
  • SOCI 1013
    Introduction to Canadian Society
  • LANGUAGES xxx3
    Introductory language course
  • SCIENCE xx23
    Introductory science course
  • ELECTIVE xxx3
    Introductory course

Future Careers

  • Education
  • Government relations
  • Journalism
  • Judicial administration
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Policy analysis
  • Public interest advocacy
  • Public safety
  • Public service

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