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Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics are the central tools scientists use to model and solve real-world problems.

Collect data. Solve problems. Change minds.

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Do you want to understand and solve real-world problems in science, business, and the humanities? Acadia’s mathematics and statistics degree will give you the tools you need. You will be able to build a strong foundation in all areas of mathematics and statistics. You will be taught to use analytical methods. You will learn how to collect data and interpret it to model the real world. With such skills, you will be able to influence major decisions in sectors that range from politics to green energy.

Coming to Acadia, you'll join a group of roughly 60 to 70 math majors. We'll design a program for you that is tailored to your interests. You may choose courses that help you build toward a specific career (for example, actuarial science, medicine, or teaching). Or you may wish to choose courses that open up additional areas of study.

At Acadia, your math degree goes beyond the classroom. You can take part in mathematical contests, national conferences, and summer research. You can also kick back and enjoy social events hosted by the department’s student society. Our mathematical modelling and statistical consulting centres support both student and faculty research. You’ll be able to conduct research in such areas as security, energy, health, and natural resources.

Mathematics and statistics are the central tools scientists use to model and solve diverse problems in the real world. Their applications are needed in many areas including the following:

  • business
  • economics
  • computers
  • technology
  • engineering
  • research (e.g., biology, medicine, social sciences)

The mathematical sciences are developing rapidly. They provide many career opportunities and challenges, both in traditional fields and in new exciting areas.

The high quality of this program is comparable to those at larger institutions, but our small class sizes ensure you’ll receive personal attention from faculty. In fact, our student evaluations point to the high calibre of teaching. Many of our students do undergraduate research, and our graduating students consistently receive support for further studies. We encourage you to gain specialized experience while you’re here. You can do this through any of the following:

  • teaching assistantships
  • consulting/reading courses
  • research positions
  • co-op placements

All these prepare you for interesting careers and graduate studies. The flexibility of the program means that many of our students pursue double majors in areas such as physics, music, French and business. The department also offers a five-year BEd/BSc degree for math teachers and a new stream in actuarial science.

First Year at a Glance

Required Courses

  • MATH 1013 and 1010L
    Introductory Calculus 1, with Lab
  • MATH 1023 and 1020L
    Introductory Calculus 2, with Lab
  • MATH 1313
  • MATH 1333
    Linear Algebra
  • APSC 1413 and 1410L or COMP 1113 and 1110L
    Introductory Programming, with Lab. This course can be taken in a later year if preferred.


  • 15h Electives
    Courses of your choice, totalling 15 credit-hours

    A Fall or Winter course is 3 credit-hours; a full-year course is 6 credit-hours.

Future Careers

  • Academic
  • Actuary
  • Cryptanalyst
  • Data analyst
  • Doctor
  • Educator
  • Financial analyst
  • Health scientist
  • Information technologist
  • Lawyer
  • Mathematical modeller
  • Programmer
  • Statistician

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