COVID-19 Updates

Health and Safety

Mask Policy

Policy document last updated January 24, 2022. Please note that effective December 14, 2021, there are temporarily no mask-free study spaces available. Masks can be removed in the lower level of the SUB only for eating and drinking.

Policy Statement

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions necessary to reduce the risk of infection, Acadia University has established layers of COVID-19 prevention measures to maintain the safety of our campus community. Along with physical distancing, hand washing, and education on prevention measures, Acadia has implemented an Interim Mask Policy. We also encourage you to become familiar with Nova Scotia's mask guidance.

Our policy will outline the requirements of face masks on campus and applies to faculty, staff, students, contractors, along with any visitors that periodically come to campus property.

All students, staff, faculty, contractors and visitors must have a 3-ply non-medical mask or cloth face covering with them at all times while on campus.

  • You must wear a mask in all indoor common areas like classrooms, hallways, meeting rooms, and the arena, as well as within University vehicles. Masks are required regardless of physical distancing.

  • The only instances where it is acceptable to not wear a mask indoors are:
    • Designated mask-free study spaces (where signage is posted)
    • Designated eating spaces such as outside the dining kiosks, lunch rooms, etc.
    • In your personal residence room. Masks are required in all common areas of the residences, unless you are sitting and eating/drinking.
    • In an office with more than one person, people can take masks off (staff bubble) as long as 1 metre of distancing can be maintained.

      Faculty may no longer remove their mask while teaching. This precaution may be lifted in the future.
  • If a student or employee refuses to wear a mask in a closed setting:
    • If individuals (who are not exempt) are not wearing a mask, you can ask them politely to follow the rules and report them to Safety and Security for non-compliance. Education is the key, so we will always start with ensuring an individual understands the expectations. Safety and Security can be reached at 902.585.1103, or by dialing 88 from a campus phone.

  • The mask policy will not necessarily change once the province moves to Phase 5 of the reopening plan. Campus safety is at the forefront, and depending on the situation within the community and on campus, we need to reassess all our strategies. Any changes will be communicated.

Please refer to our Mask Policy (PDF) for further details, and learn about the Province of Nova Scotia's mask guidance.

Mask Exemption

To protect those most vulnerable, exemptions for face coverings will not be granted unless for medical reasons. A face shield is an option for those individuals that meet the criteria for mask exemptions. Mask exemptions may be granted after the following criteria have been met.

A medical note must be provided containing the following information:

  1. The note must be provided and signed (not required for direct email from Doctor’s office) by a medical professional.
  2. The note must be on official letterhead.
  3. The note must state the date.
  4. The note must have the individual’s name clearly stated.
  5. The note must verify that the individual has a medical condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask.

This note can be provided in person to the Safety and Security office, mailed or emailed to the following address:

Acadia Campus Security
Room 519, Acadia Students’ Union Building
30 Highland Ave.
Wolfville, NS,
B4P 2R6

Upon meeting the above criteria, a valid mask exemption card will be issued by security. This card will be valid from September 1st, through to Aug 31st of the following year. The card holder must always be in possession of the card, while on campus. To replace a lost or stolen card, please contact Campus Security.