Campus Access for the General Public

Acadia University facilities remain closed to the general public during Phase 1 of the university reopening plan, but the signs restricting access to the campus grounds have been removed. The general public is now permitted to walk across campus while wearing non-medical face masks, but not to linger or hold any activities on the University grounds, such as picnics or games. The Woodland Trails remain open as they have been since the province lifted restrictions on parks and trails, and the Town Park is also open,

However, the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, the tennis courts, the e-charging station and all other public facilities remain closed until further notice. Information on the phased reopening of the Athletics Complex and other facilities that are used by the public will be issued separately.

The general public is reminded that a number of students remain in residence for the summer, and social distancing and other gathering restrictions in place in the province of Nova Scotia must be obeyed at all times. Acadia University reserves the right to remove anyone from campus who is not complying with the public health order and/or restrictions adopted by the University. Furthermore, Acadia University reserves the right to reimpose access restrictions for the general public at any time, and may well do so as students start to return to campus for the fall term.

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