Campus Update: New mask exemption in designated study spaces

Effective immediately, November 10, 2020, Acadia University will offer students some less restrictive options to study on campus.

Five locations are now mask-exempt to allow students to remove their masks indoors, provided they are seated and physically distanced from others.

The following locations are open until midnight, seven days a week:

  • The Garden Room, K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre
  • The MacKeen Room, Students’ Union Building
  • Michener Lounge, Students’ Union Building
  • Main Level, Students’ Union Building

The following location is available 7:30 p.m. until midnight Monday to Thursday; 5 p.m. to midnight Friday; and 10 a.m. until midnight Saturday and Sunday:

  • The Great Room, Sheldon L. Fountain Learning Commons

Students do not have to book ahead. Please observe safe indoor etiquette when you are using the space, and wear your mask until you are seated and physically distanced.

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy Reading Week!

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