Updated COVID-19 protocols announcement

Revised on-campus public health protocols

Sent on behalf of the VP Academic, Dale Keefe and the VP Finance and Administration & CFO, Chris Callbeck:

In response to the changing public health protocols as the province moves through its pandemic reopening plan, the following public health protocols will be in place for the Acadia University campus effective immediately.

Proof of Vaccination (POV)

The vast majority of the Acadia community has already provided POV and going forward the few individuals who are not fully vaccinated are recommended to continue to test regularly at the on-campus rapid testing clinics. POV will no longer be required for attending events on campus.

Rapid Testing

Availability of the on-campus Rapid Testing Clinics will be expanded to the entire campus community until April 30 or supplies run out, whichever comes first. Everyone is invited to take advantage of the clinics to monitor your COVID-19 status and provide for wider screening of the campus population.

Mask Wearing

  • General Campus – the current policy regarding mask wearing indoors remains in place until April 30 – after then, masking will be encouraged but voluntary.
  • Residences – Residence Life will manage the easing of masking restrictions within residences after March 21.

Social Distancing

Current on-campus policy and practices remain in place until April 30.


Continue to undertake self-assessment of symptoms and work/study from home if experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.

COVID Monitoring

Continue to monitor positive COVID cases on campus and take appropriate measures to manage cases and prevent spread – the university retains the right to impose additional restrictions if deemed necessary to manage the virus and/or contain spread on campus.

Stay Home if you are Sick

Continue this protocol in order to contain the potential for spread of the virus.

Close Contacts

Any positive cases are asked to notify Acadia’s Occupational Health Nurse who will assess the level of risk and whether any potential contacts will be notified.

Hand Sanitation

Acadia will continue to provide hand sanitizer in dispensers across campus and frequent hand washing and cleansing will continue to be encouraged.

Community Access

Effective March 21 all campus grounds and buildings will be open to the public, but community members must follow campus protocols such as mask wearing and social distancing.

Athletics Complex

Acadia will follow provincial protocols with exceptions for specific locations and activities - proof of vaccination requirement is lifted for all events and activities; effective March 21 mask wearing will no longer be mandatory but we will continue to recommend their use, with following exceptions where they will remain mandatory: where there is one-on-one (close proximity) activities such as physio, labs, etc.; and in the classroom at the discretion of the professor.

After April 30

All restrictions will be lifted but we will continue to encourage full vaccination and appropriate mask wearing, sanitization, etc.. The University retains the right to enforce restrictions for specific events and activities where deemed appropriate for public health, and if public health directives change.

Going forward, we will revamp our community health and safety policies and practices to incorporate best practices that have been learned through the pandemic, and we will develop a campus wellness program to support healthy living as per Acadia 2025.

In getting through this reopening period, we should all follow Dr. Strang’s guidance: “As we move towards living with COVID, it is important Nova Scotians continue to use the tools we followed over the last two years that will limit the spread of this virus and protect those around us who are more vulnerable to severe disease. This includes wearing a mask in indoor public places, staying home and getting tested when you’re sick, and following public health advice.”

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