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Frequently Asked Questions

What EAP level will I start in?

The EAP program consists of four EAP levels and the University Bridging program. The level in which you start will depend on your level of experience and skill when entering the program. You will take a placement test after arriving on campus to determine your starting level.

How many sessions of EAP will I need to take?

The number of EAP terms you will take depends on your level of English experience and aptitude. Most of our students require two or more sessions of EAP before they are prepared for university study. Some students may need to repeat levels.

What is University Bridging?

University Bridging is the final level of the EAP program. In University Bridging, you will continue studying EAP while you complete an Acadia University undergraduate course at the same time. You will be able to apply the English skills and practice gained from your EAP studies to a first-year Arts, Science, or Professional Studies course. University Bridging will help you better understand the expectations and challenges involved in an undergraduate course while you continue to improve your English language skills through EAP classes.

Where will I live while enrolled in an EAP program?

While studying in EAP, you can stay with a Homestay family, in an Acadia University residence, or off-campus in one of many available local apartments. Please see our Accommodations page for more information.

Should I enrol in EAP if I don't plan to attend Acadia University?

Our EAP program will prepare you for academic study at Acadia University or at another English-speaking university in Canada. Even if you have already decided you would like to attend a different university for your degree program, our EAP program and the small, welcoming environment at Acadia may be the best way for you to prepare for your studies.

What is your language policy?

While in the EAP program, students are expected to speak only in English during classtime and activities. Speaking English as much as possible is the best and fastest way for you to gain experience and improve your skills.

How do I apply for the EAP Program?

You can access the application form in the EAP website's "How to Apply" section. 

How do I pay for the EAP program?

All fees are to be paid in Canadian Dollars.

Fees can be paid by:

  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Cheque – payable to Acadia English Language Centre
  • Money Order
  • Telegraphic Transfer

If you pay by telegraphic transfer, you should send a receipt of the transfer to Acadia English Language Centre and include your full name and your Acadia Student ID #.

Telegraphic Transfer to:

Bank of Montreal
424 Main Street
Nova Scotia,
Canada B4P 1C9

Account # 1010-842

Transit # 02063

Bank Code: 001

Swift Code:

  • Transferring Canadian or other currency, with the exception of United States currency: BOFMCAM2
  • Transferring United States currency: PNBPUS3NNYC 

Beneficiary Name: Acadia University

Beneficiary Address: Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada B4P 2R6

Can I pay the program fees when I arrive at Acadia?

All fees must be paid in full before arriving at Acadia University. This is necessary to ensure that you have secured a placement in the EAP program.

There is a minimum 30-day hold on money that is sent to Canadian banks from international countries. Please send payments one to two months prior to your EAP session start date.

How do I get to Acadia University?

The Acadia University campus is located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, an hour's drive from the provincial capital and international airport in Halifax.

What if I get sick while enrolled in the EAP program?

Students in the EAP program are not covered by Acadia's medical plan. Medical insurance is mandatory and students must obtain adequate medical insurance before they leave home.

If you do not have medical insurance, we recommend:

Student Guard Medical Insurance

Telephone: +1 877 873 8447 (toll free) or +1 905 731 8140
Fax: +1 905 731 6676 Email: admin@guard.me
Website: http://www.guard.me/acadia

You can apply for coverage before you leave home and request that your medical card is sent to Sharon Churchill at Acadia University. Even though you will not receive your medical card until you arrive at Acadia University, you will be covered for medical insurance.

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