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Acadia University was advised late Friday, December 10, of a positive case of COVID-19. The individual lives off campus but was at Acadia on December 5, 6, and 7. We thank the student, who is fully vaccinated, for following public health protocols and wish them good health. Already, their symptoms are showing signs of improvement.

In collaboration with Praxes Medical Group, Acadia University is exploring COVID-19 testing on campus for travellers leaving Nova Scotia this holiday season. We already have Rapid antigen testing on campus, which are currently being accepted by some countries as a test for entry. Other countries require a negative PCR test result for a requirement for entry. Guidelines for domestic travellers are changing November 30th as well.

Message on behalf of Paul Davidson

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has updated their guidance for entry of international students to Canada in advance of their studies. These changes are in direct response to our collective advocacy to provide increased flexibility for students planning their travel to Canada and to reduce pressure on both federal agencies and institutions’ COVID-19 readiness plans (“DLI plans”).

Effective November 3rd, 2021, CBSA will no longer restrict international student arrivals to four weeks before their studies begin. CBSA will take a more facilitative approach to international students entering Canada, and any reasonable length of time prior to study will be considered. Students will still be required to demonstrate that their travel is non-discretionary. This change in guidance will apply to all international student arrivals regardless of their vaccination status. To be able to enter Canada, international students must also continue to meet all requirements under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations, including having a valid study permit and a valid letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

The Government of Nova Scotia plans to enter Phase 5 of its pandemic reopening plan on Monday, October 4, 2021. In keeping with our safety-first approach, Acadia will maintain many of our health and safety protocols until (at least) the end of term. As has been our practice, we will continue to monitor epidemiological, health, and safety developments and will revise campus protocols accordingly in response.

Testing and vaccination continue as part of Acadia’s multi-layered approach to COVID-19 health and safety. We are announcing our fourth free COVID-19 vaccination clinic, and we have added a new screening option with take-home test kits.

Nova Scotia will soon enter Phase 5 of its reopening plan after achieving a 75% full vaccination rate in the province. While that means changes in Public Health requirements off-campus, Acadia University will continue to follow its current health and safety measures on campus. As our commitment to the safety of students, faculty, staff, and the broader Wolfville community remains of paramount importance, there will be no change to our on-campus protocols at this time. We will reassess in the coming weeks.

Acadia University, the Acadia Students’ Union (ASU), and the Town of Wolfville are working together to welcome students to the start of a new, fully in-person academic year.

Many students have already started to arrive as they move into their off-campus accommodations, and Acadia’s Orientation Week will commence this week as residence students arrive over the weekend. The first day of classes will be September 8.

Throughout the challenges of this global pandemic, the three parties to the MOU between the University, Students’ Union, and the Town have collaborated to ensure the entire community has stayed safe as the University has maintained in-person operations. This unique partnership, combined with the willingness of everyone to do their part, kept our community safe last year and will do so again for the upcoming academic year.

I hope you are getting excited about coming to Acadia University as we near the start of the new academic year. Thank you for choosing us, and thank you for your resilience and determination not to allow the pandemic to derail your university education goals.