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With education costs on the rise, enhancing student assistance is a top priority for Acadia. Each year, we award more than $4 million to students in the form of scholarships, scholar-bursaries, bursaries, awards, and prizes. By maintaining a strong scholarship and financial assistance program, we are able to attract, retain and support our students.

As a donor to scholarships and financial assistance, you can direct your gift toward: general award funds or awards for specific departments, faculties, research, or athletic teams; any existing named awards; or you can create a personal legacy by establishing a named award yourself. By supporting scholarships and financial assistance, you can help to ensure access to all of the rewards of an Acadia education.

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Jack Bone H.M.G. Memorial Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Professional Studies, Music, Current 1st year, Current 2nd year, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year, Entering first year

The Jack Bone H.M.G. Memorial Bursary is awarded on recommendation of the Director of the School of Music to assist promising piano students in the pursuit of musical studies. The bursary, which may be renewed, will be awarded to entering or returning students originating from Cape Breton with demonstrated financial need and good academic standing.

The bursary was established by the estate of Jack Bone to commemorate three wonderful musicians who greatly influenced him; Gordon Harrigan, Allan Joseph MacDonald and St. Clair Grannum.

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James and Dorothy McNally Bursaries

Bursary | Eligibility: Athletics

The James and Dorothy McNally Bursaries are provided to two students from the Atlantic Provinces, in their second or subsequent year of an undergraduate degree, with a minimum 70% academic average. The recipients will have demonstrated strong leadership-character type qualities and financial need. One recipient is to be a varsity athlete and will be selected based on the recommendation of the Director of Varsity Athletics. The second is to be involved in extra-curricular activities, other than varsity athletics, and will be selected by the University Bursary and Loan Committee.

The awards have been established to honour James and Dorothy McNally by their children Carole(UNB), Daniel(Acadia), Stephen(Acadia), Mary(DAL), Gregory(DAL), Edward(Acadia) and John(Acadia), all who benefited greatly from their parents commitment to providing and supporting them in their educational and extra-curricular pursuits.

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Jane Louise Robb Memorial Bursary

Bursary of up to $2,950 | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Nutrition

The Jane Louise Robb Memorial Bursary. A sum of money to yield $2950 annually has been provided by the family in memory of Jane Louise Robb, a student in the former School of Home Economics, 1975­-76. The money will be awarded on recommendation of the Director of Nutrition and Dietetics to one or more continuing students.

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Jane's Again Bursary

Bursary of up to $5,000

Established in 2017 by Jane’s Again Inc. in Wolfville, this bursary is awarded to a full-time female student who is a parent.

Jane’s Again, a women’s consignment clothing store was opened in 2008 by Jani MacDonald. Located on Main Street in Wolfville, Jane’s Again and their partners, value and are committed to giving back to the community annually in support of women and children.

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JD Walker Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Nova Scotia

The JD Walker Bursary is awarded annually, for the years 2003-2011 to an entering student who is a graduate of Bridgetown High School. Subsequent to 2011 the bursary will be open to an entering student from any high school in Nova Scotia. The bursary is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic performance with a preference for a student who has made a contribution to school life through activities such as drama, music and athletics.

The bursary is made possible through the generosity of the late Jack D Walker (BA, Acadia, 1049; BEd, Acadia, 1950) of Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. Mr. Walker had a distinguished career in public school teaching and administration.

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Jean Shaw Cole Bursary


The Jean Shaw Cole Bursary is awarded annually to returning students of Acadia University with demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to female students. The bursary was established in 2009 from the Estate of Jean Winnifred Travers (Cole) (BA, Acadia, 1930).

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Jeanette Robinson Belyea Bursary


The Jeanette Robinson Belyea Bursary. Securities yielding an income of $475 annually have been given to the Governors of the University to provide a bursary for a two year period for a student from the town of St. Stephen or from Charlotte County, New Brunswick, who may be nominated by the school trustees of St. Stephen.

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Jennie Welton Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Current 2nd year

The Jennie Welton Bursary. A fund yielding $180 bequeathed by the late Jennie Welton (Acadia, 1909), shall be used annually to assist needy and deserving women students in the second year.

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John Frauzel Memorial Bursaries


The John Frauzel Memorial Bursaries are awarded annually to two Nova Scotia students attending Acadia University who exhibit financial need.

The endowed bursary was established in 2007 by The John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation, in consultation with the Frauzel Family, to honour Mr. John Frauzel (BSC Acadia 1950; BED Acadia 1951) who taught John Bragg at Oxford High School.

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John R. Calhoun Memorial Bursary


The John R. Calhoun Memorial Bursary. A sum of money to yield $30 annually was given to Acadia by Mrs. Sarah G. L. Calhoun of Saint John, New Brunswick, as a gift in memory of her husband, John R. Calhoun, who died in October 1898.

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Jordan Bursaries

Bursary | Eligibility: Arts, Pure and Applied Science, Nutrition

The Jordan Bursaries. Through the will of the late Mrs. Janet C. Jordan, the sum of $520 is available for assistance of needy women. One half is to be used to assist needy women in the Faculty of Arts and the other half to assist students in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Joyce Foundation Bursaries

Bursary of up to $5,000 | Eligibility: Arts, Professional Studies, Pure and Applied Science, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island

The Joyce Foundation Bursaries, valued at $5,000 annually and renewable, providing a maximum of four years of support per recipient, will be directed in particular to Canadian students preferably from Atlantic Canada or Ontario with demonstrated financial need who have shown exceptionality through a combination of volunteerism, leadership, citizenship, and character.

The Joyce Foundation was created by Canadian entrepreneur Ronald V. Joyce. His philanthropy reflects a deep-rooted sense of responsibility to give back to his community. The Foundation's primary focus is to provide access to education for children and youth with significant financial need or facing other socio-economic barriers to success. Born in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia in 1930, Mr. Joyce is best known as the legendary Canadian entrepreneur who, in 1964, invested in the first Tim Hortons donut shop in Hamilton, Ontario and then grew the business into one of the most successful food service chains in the world.

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