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Travelling Safely

Whether you live in residence or off-campus, you are expected to self-isolate for 14 days once you arrive in Nova Scotia unless you already live in the Atlantic travel bubble (NS/NB/NL/PEI). Every adult from outside Atlantic Canada needs to complete a self-declaration form before they travel to the province.

Once you arrive at Acadia, we expect you not to leave the designated travel zone (currently the Atlantic travel bubble), even on weekends, Thanksgiving, and study break. Staff and faculty are limited to essential travel only, requiring approval. Please be aware that Nova Scotia remains in a State of Emergency and that there are several federal advisories and orders in place.

Key Safety Measures

  • Non-essential travel outside the Atlantic provinces is prohibited.

    Faculty and staff should leave the Atlantic provinces only for essential purposes. Travel outside these provinces requires the approval of the President or a Vice-President, submitted via a Director or Dean. Students should not leave the Atlantic provinces.

  • Anyone arriving in the Atlantic provinces must self-isolate for 14 days.

    If you travel to or return to Nova Scotia from outside the Atlantic provinces, you are required to self-isolate for 14 days. This applies to any faculty, staff, or students, including students arriving in Fall 2020 from outside of Atlantic Canada who plan to live off-campus.

  • Self-isolate effectively.

    is to last 14 days from the date of return to the Atlantic provinces, and before you can return to campus. We are planning services for students self-isolating in Residence and we will provide self-isolation support to off-campus students requiring assistance.

    Monitor your health, and if you feel unwell, complete a self-assessment on the 811 website. If it is recommended, contact 811 for instruction from health officials.
A student puts on his headphones as he travels across the University Hall's front lawn.

Travel Update

As travel restrictions within Canada and in other countries continue to change and adapt to the evolution of COVID-19 responses, so too have the coverages available under Acadia University’s emergency travel health plan provided by SSQ Insurance.

Travel FAQ

I'm an international student trying to make travel arrangements. Who can I contact?

Please visit the Wong International Centre's Arrival and Orientation page to learn about travelling to Canada. Staff are available online to provide assistance with immigration documents, taxes, and other questions.

I’m worried about obtaining my study permit. Do I need to apply for a deferral?

To study on campus at Acadia in Fall 2020, you must have a valid study permit or letter of introduction issued on or before March 18th, and you must be able to travel to Nova Scotia by September 5th. Learn more about your options to study virtually or defer your studies.

I'm a returning student in a student exchange program. Who should I contact?

Students on exchange programs must notify Michael Holmes at when they arrive in Canada.