Harrison McCain Foundation Awards

Emerging Scholar Awards

Full-time Acadia faculty in ongoing, multi-year appointments and in the early stages of their academic career are eligible to apply for a Harrison McCain Emerging Scholar Award ($5,000-$10,000 per award; up to 2 years duration).  

The goal of the Harrison McCain Emerging Scholar Award Program is to help fund curiosity-driven research projects and initiatives undertaken by emerging scholars across all three Faculties at Acadia University. Typically, “emerging scholars” are faculty members who are within ten years of PhD completion and within six years of their initial, full-time, ongoing appointment at Acadia (excluding Full Professors and Librarians IV).  Extension of these time frames will be considered in cases of leave (e.g., parental, medical) and when completion of a PhD occurred during the initial years of the appointment period.

Priority may be given to emerging scholars who have not previously received a Harrison McCain Emerging Scholar Award.  Prior awardees who have not yet completed their project are not eligible for this competition.

Details on eligible expenses and the proposal format are in the application form.

For more information on this funding program, please feel free to contact Dr. Suzie Currie, Associate Vice-President Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies suzie.currie@acadiau.ca or the Manager of Research Grants & Programs, Dr. Peter Ludlow, at peter.ludlow@acadiau.ca.

Due Date: 23 May 2023

Visiting Professorship Awards and Visitorship Awards

Harrison McCain Visitorship

The goal of the Harrison McCain Visitorship award is to provide funding for Acadia faculty to visit other institutions (including libraries and archives) for research purposes and/or scholarly collaborations.

Eligible expenses include but are not limited to: travel for network-building and collaboration, travel for resource consultation, and travel for the purposes of data collection/research creation.

Value: Up to $10,000. Funds to be spent within two years of notice of award.

Due Date: 23 May 2023

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Harrison McCain Visiting Professorship

The goal of the Harrison McCain Visiting Professorship award is to provide support to outstanding scholars around the world to visit and collaborate with faculty and students at Acadia.

Use of these funds can range from covering brief, intense visits for collaboration on specific research and pedagogical issues, to covering some costs of visits for longer periods. Preference will be given to applicants visiting for at least 4 weeks in duration who will engage in research and/or pedagogical activity at Acadia. All applicants require a sponsoring academic unit.

Value: Up to $10,000. Funds to be spent within two years of notice of award.

Due Date: 23 May 2023

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