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Acadia University is continuing a phased approach to reopening its campus, which began on July 6, starting with essential employees and research activities and clients of privately-run sports therapy and performance training businesses in the Athletics Complex.

Although most buildings remain closed, members of the general public are now permitted to walk across the campus providing they follow Acadia’s social distancing and mask protocols, and do not to gather in groups, linger, or hold any activities on the University grounds.

The plan is to eventually see full operations in September, although some employees will continue to work from home, and safety and health restrictions will be in place. Right now, those who work from home will continue to do so.

The past several months have challenged and changed us in ways we could never have imagined. We had to transition quickly to remote operations, move classes online, suspend lab research, and limit our presence on campus. At the same time, many of you have been engaged in vital discussions about racial injustice, diversity, and inclusion as society continues to grapple with the scourge of racism and discrimination. You are continuing to take concrete steps to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity at Acadia. Shortly, I will be making an important announcement about addressing racism at Acadia.

I am pleased to provide you with the update that Acadia’s course timetable now reflects the Fall/Winter 2020 course format delivery methods. Timetable changes have also been made to facilitate structured entry and exit practices and accommodate necessary cleaning protocols between classes. Please familiarize yourself with the changes to your courses and timetable to tailor your learning experience to your circumstance and needs.

Many of you were expecting course format details to be available online today. Unfortunately, we experienced a few delays as we make improvements to the course coding. We are working to ensure you have all the information you need as soon as possible. We should be able to share course-specific details with you early next week.

I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the first few weeks of summer.  The Acadia team continues to work diligently to plan for a safe and smooth return to your studies and campus this fall. As a result, I am pleased to encourage you to visit Acadia’s Student Life Page to review our Fall 2020 course formats and begin to familiarize yourself with what campus life could look like this fall.

I am writing today to provide some important updates and share some thoughts about where we are in our COVID-19 response and the financial impacts it is having on our university.

I know that these past few weeks have been increasingly stressful as we have announced our preferred intentions for the Fall and, at the same time, consider the financial impacts of the pandemic. I want to thank each and every one of you for all the work you are doing as we prepare to re-open the campus and offer our academic programs in the Fall.

We are still working on many of the details, but we are excited by our plans to welcome you to campus in September. We are discussing our plans with health and safety experts to ensure all the necessary precautions are put in place. We are equally committed to making the experience as positive as possible for those who will be unable to join us in person.

Dear Acadia Colleagues,

Thank you for your patience as Acadia continues to study options for the start of the fall term. I hope you are all keeping well and healthy as we continue to work under these extraordinary conditions. I understand that you are keen to know what approach Acadia will take and assure you we will make a formal announcement soon. In the interim, I hope an indication of our preferred path forward will give you some context as you undertake your planning for the start of the new academic year.

Dear Acadia Students,

Whether you are planning on attending Acadia for the first time in September or returning to Acadia to continue your studies, I understand that you are keen to know what approach Acadia will take for the fall term. I hope that you and your families and loved ones are all keeping well and healthy as we continue to live under these extraordinary conditions. I am pleased to be able to share some important information with you about Acadia’s intentions and preferred path forward.